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Hey Guys, thanks for coming back for the next chapter. My brothers sisters and I have been busy taking care of family needs and although I love my family I miss being with you guys and my husband and children. Anyway, here I am posting the next chapter. Thanks for being here to have a short visit with me.

Chapter 3

Harry Learns Shocking Details

Harry quickly told Ginny what he found out and the plan that was put in motion. I need to go see Jack and Sam to make sure they haven’t been replaced or captured. Then I need to check the base and the Pentagon to make sure nothing is out of the ordinary there.”

He kissed her and the kids again and then left. Harry went to the base on Cheyenne Mountain first and was told that Jack had called in to extend his and Sam’s vacation to celebrate their engagement. Harry discreetly scanned the base for Replicators using the software Rodney made from the Ice Giants Nanite codes. Thankfully everything was normal there. Then he went to the office of the IOA in the Pentagon and was free to search uninhibited since the IOA was closed down until after the New Year. He checked for trace signatures that replicators have but didn’t find any. He started to leave but a thought came to him so he sat at a computer and looked into the activity log book for the Daedalus for Christmas day. The incident was recorded by the commander of the ship and said the trainee was transferred to Atlantis for training under Mr. Woolsey’s watch. Then Harry looked up the team that was sent to Atlantis to take up the slack since John’s team was all on vacation with the exception of Ronon. Ronon was assigned to go off world with the new team and didn’t return with the team. It is thought that he was killed when he separated himself from the team for an unknown reason, but efforts have been made to find his body to no avail. The team has been reprimanded but remains active under special probation.

Harry was about to close out the page but a paragraph with John’s name caught his eye. He read it carefully and then reread it.

A special request has been made by Richard Woolsey for a mental evaluation of John Sheppard. Mr. Woolsey notes that Colonel Jonathon Sheppard has been showing signs of mental fatigue and stress common to soldiers who have seen war and have been wounded many times over. Several incidents have shown violent behavior under normal circumstances. Upon return from his vacation it is advised with sadness that Colonel Sheppard be discharged, but is feared he will become violent. The mental evaluation will give reason for soldiers to be armed when they relieve him of his post. It is also strongly advised that he remain on Atlantis due to the top secret nature of this outpost. He will be put under lock and a guard detail until he lives out his life. He will be made as comfortable as possible.

Harry made copies of the records and left for Jacks apartment. Nobody was there nor had they been for some time. He ran water in the kitchen sink and Skryed for Jack. He found him sitting with ropes around him and a gag in his mouth. Harry looked around the small picture for a clue to where he was because he didn’t recognize it right away. Then he felt sick at his stomach and disappeared. Harry reappeared at Area 51 and became invisible again. He hurried through the corridors and looked in every room until he found Jack and Sam sitting tied up back to back in an office much like the one he and John had been held in. He made himself float in case the floor had sensors to tell if anyone was in the room that shouldn’t be.

After Harry scanned them to make sure they weren’t replicators he looked all around the chairs they were sitting in for explosive devices and didn’t find any. Lastly he looked around and found all the cameras and recorders and fixed them the same as he did with the ones on Atlantis so they wouldn’t show that he was there. Harry appeared to Jack and Sam and asked if they were okay after he removed theirs gags.

Jack said, “Any minute someone will be coming in here to take us out to a plane they have waiting for us. They’re going to put us to sleep and then the one flying the plane is going to parachute out and the plane will crash, killing us.”

Harry said, “Well we can’t let that happen; come on.” He helped them up but they could hardly stand. “We’ve already been drugged; I’m afraid we aren’t much use to you. You’ve got to help John; I think they’re going to kill him. We were called back to be briefed on a special report from Woolsey. I found out…”

It was difficult for Jack to talk and Sam was having just as much troubles. “It’s okay, I found the report and I’m going back as soon as I take you to my house. I’m also removing the chips in your arms so they can’t track you but will think you died on the plane.”

Harry made some complicated movements with his wand and quickly said a spell that caused lifelike dummies to take Jack and Sam’s place. Then Harry implanted the trackers into the dummies arms. Jack and Sam touched the faces of the dummies and marveled at how real they looked and felt.

Harry took the two to his house and explained to Ginny what was going on. She was outraged and said, “Will we be able to find out who is behind all of this?”

“I already know, but I can’t talk about it right now. John needs help immediately. I just hope I’m not too late. Jack and Sam have been drugged but they’ve also been beaten. And, Sam isn’t wearing her engagement ring. Could you ask her about it while I’m gone? If they took it I can get it back for her.”

Harry went back to Atlantis but remained invisible. He found Woolsey in his office talking to a stranger Harry hadn’t seen before.

“I don’t care what you have to do; you must find him before he ruins everything. I sent him to the mainland to check out the Athosians claim that a giant sea creature is making havoc of their fishing. There have reportedly been a couple deaths. Woolsey sneered with evil contempt in his eyes. He stupidly bought the story and was upset that I sent the new team with him instead of a team of Marines.”

The stranger answered saying, “At least he’s on the mainland without a way off. He won’t be happy when he finds the Puddle jumper gone. And that Potter guy is gone so it’ll be easy enough to regain control. Sheppard will be dead before the day is done. The remaining four men are looking for him and he’s already been wounded.”

“I still don’t know how he was able to get away from you; five against one and he gets away.”

“Now see here, Kerry, you may be the boss in this subterfuge but we would be doing better on our own without your orders and condemnation. You give Sheppard too much credit. He is seriously wounded and he was headed for the ocean. He’ll be easy to spot and we’ll do away with him and bring back evidence that the ‘sea creature’ killed him and drug him into the ocean.”

“What about the other two; Ronon and Teyla?” the man asked after straightening out the character portraying Woolsey.

“Ronan will be dead before McKay figures out the problems we piled on him to fix. His injuries have festered from not being taken care of since we captured him. After he dies we’ll put him on the planet he went missing on. Teyla and Richard Woolsey’s minds will be adjusted to retain memories we acquired.”

“But they are still here in our secret room we made for you?”

“Yes, we can’t have Ronon’s body found yet until we take care of Sheppard, and Teyla and Woolsey are simply sleeping.

“What will happen to the five of us after we’ve done what we were created to do?”

“You will be put in storage until you’re needed again.”

“And what will become of the Brigadier General and his female?”

I’m sure they are meeting with their demise as we speak. A fatal plane crash is how they are meeting their maker.”

“What of the Potter man? How are you dealing with his death?”

“He will die tomorrow when he meets with a different Ice Giant. He was supposed to die Christmas day, but that skiing accident he had postponed his death. He’ll have a terrible fright when he realizes that re-entering the atmosphere won’t kill it. The only way to kill it will be to change the code; and that will just shut it down.”

“And Mr. MacIntire, you will be avenged for your sister dying in prison after her Presidency was ruined.

Harry turned off his phone from recording and disappeared to the mainland. His first thing to do would be to find Tazmia. He quickly disappeared and reappeared in various places until he found a cave along the ocean. The stormy surf lapped against the stone wall of the entrance with a rhythmic song of anger and finality. Harry saw a wisp of smoke curl and then unfurl into the salty air. He walked over to it and saw Tazmia and Rocky sitting just inside the obscured entrance. Rocky was entertaining himself with pestering a crab that was trying to scurry away. Just as the crab was nearly away Rocky would pounce and bat it back further into the cave. Harry grinned but quickly became serious and asked if they were doing okay. He told them what was going on and that it wasn’t really Teyla and Mr. Woolsey that made them come to the mainland.

“I need to find John before they do. They’re trying to kill him and it sounds like they’re close to making that happen.”

“John is in the cave a little further back where I have a fire built to keep him warm. Carson has stopped the bleeding unless he moves. But he said John needs emergency surgery to remove something inside him. Carson doesn’t know what they used on him, but he can’t find it with the scant supplies he has on him. He also needs blood to replace the amount he’s lost.”

Harry knelt down to look at his friend while Tazmia talked. He stuck him with a needle and then put the needle on a slide and looked at it on a microscope he summoned from his pouch. “He’s clear of Nanites; let’s see if I can find what ails him.”

Harry turned slightly blue and his eyes glowed white. He began chanting something and stuck his hand inside John’s wound. He inhaled sharply and jerked hard and then he slowly pulled his hand out of John. He was holding what looked like an engorged slug and it jumped from his hand into his chest. Harry quickly grabbed at his heart and saying the chant he pushed his hand into his chest over his heart. When he pulled it back out it was twice the size it was when it entered him. He threw it on the ground and zapped it with his wand.

Harry looked at John and told Tazmia he would be better in a couple minutes but to keep him resting without moving because he still has the broken shell of the animal lodged inside him and that he’ll start bleeding badly if he moves. “I need to get to the water.” He stumbled back toward the entrance of the cave and fell into the surf pounding the cave that was rushing in as high tide began coming further into the cave. He was buffeted about some coral and then he was gone; the last wave crashing in taking him into the ocean.

Five minutes later he came back and found Carson working over John. The fire was out and Carson was talking quietly but with an urgency that Harry rarely heard in his voice.

Rocky gleefully announced Harry was back. Carson turned and took him by the arm pulling him over to John. Harry tripped and stumbled not being steady on his feet at all. Plus it didn’t help that he was soaking wet and walking on slippery wet clay. John looked at Harry and told Carson to take it easy.

“I’m trying to tell you, son, we don’t have time; they’re coming! Five of them landed just a quarter mile up the coast. Harry understood and grabbed John, Carson, Rocky and Tazmia and then disappeared. They appeared in the guestroom at Harry’s house. He quickly asked Tazmia if she would return with him to help. She said she would and they disappeared again without another word. Three hours later he and Tazmia walked onto the porch and into his home. When he shut the door he smiled wearily and opened his arms wide to Ginny when she ran to him. They held each other and Harry rested his head heavily on her. He was working hard to stand but then his arms fell from being around Ginny and his legs buckled.

Tazmia caught him and carried him effortlessly to the couch. At first Ginny was surprised she could lift Harry yet alone carry him as if he was as light as a child. But then she remembered she was a Werecat and Harry wouldn’t be any challenge at all for her to carry. Rocky jumped up on his mom and began purring. Tazmia’s demeanor changed into a very caring and loving mom for her new baby. She stroked Rocky and nuzzled lovingly on him. She looked at Harry and then told Ginny and Carson who was already scanning his machine over him, “He’s mostly just exhausted. All his wounds have been healed from the ocean, but he can’t be cured of the exhaustion that comes from fighting and traveling from here to the USA and then back and forth between this galaxy and the Pegasus galaxy six times. Harry says as soon as John can travel safely he should return home to be with Teyla who is trying to understand what happened as is Mr. Woolsey. Jennifer is working on Ronon and he will make a full recovery but will be off his feet for a couple weeks. Harry said the main reason John needs to get back to Atlantis is because he left Rodney in charge until Mr. Woolsey is found fit for duty. I believe this last part was meant to be humorous because Harry laughed when he told me what to tell you if he wasn’t able to stay awake.”

Tazmia pulled out Sam’s engagement ring and said, “Harry took this from the man who was behind all the trouble; Mr. Kerry MacIntire. He is no longer a problem since Harry broke his neck. And there is one more very important thing Harry told me to tell you. He says to make sure he wakes up early in the morning. He found out there is another Ice Giant bigger and more dangerous than the one he killed on Christmas day. He said he has to reset its code. It is the only way to get rid of it. Rodney was able to find the code to use and how to get inside it.”

Ginny said, “Surely he can go Giant hunting another day; he needs to sleep and rest.”

“The Giant is programmed to come tomorrow afternoon,” explained Tazmia.

Carson said, “Well then, Harry doesn’t have to get up early to fight it. He can stay in bed until noon and eat a nourishing meal before he meets up with it.”

The Werecat shook her head and explained, “Harry said since he knows where it is he needs to go to it with a plan. He told Rodney to put new directives on a thumb drive and he’d go to it since it’s in a shutdown mode while it uploads directives from its creator. He told Rodney to overload it with directives that would take days to upload but to give it a time of two hours it has to be done by. And if it doesn’t get the directives uploaded by the given time it is to self destruct. When it does this Harry will cause the Nanites to be incompatible with each other rendering it inert. And then he will send it into nothingness with his magic. It is in a state of shutdown while it is getting new directives.”

Carson said, “But it doesn’t make sense; this Giant is just someplace sleeping and will wake up with orders to kill Harry? Where is it and why can’t we just get it while it is sleeping and take it away someplace where it is impossible to find Harry?”

Tazmia answered, “It isn’t that simple. Mr. MacIntire is the inventor of the Giant, but there are hardened criminals from seven major countries around the world that want Harry dead; out of the way so they can overpower governments and become rulers of their lawlessness. It will be the end of humanity and the destruction of the world. They all have made huge money contributions, and kidnapped scientists; threatening to kill their families if they didn’t build the Giant, for their part ownership of it. Jack is meeting with heads of nations on line as we speak to help Harry by capturing these men and women involved.”

Early the next morning Harry woke up and carefully got out from under Ginny without waking her. He smiled that she must have planned on waking up with him when he got up and he wouldn’t be able to get up without waking her. He went to the kitchen and drank a cup of coffee while Winky finished making his breakfast. When she put his plate in front of him, Carson walked in and she put a plate of food in front of him with a cup of tea. Harry was grateful for the company and relieved some of his burden to his friend.

“It’s hard to leave Ginny and the kids without saying goodbye, but if I wait until they get up to say it then I’m afraid their heartache I read in their eyes will make it hard for me to concentrate on what I have to do. This will be a mission I have to have my full attention on at all times. I miss them something fierce when I’m away and it’s hard on me which will make this mission harder than it already will be. Being lonely is my worst enemy; but I’d rather be lonely than remember the pain in their eyes.”

Carson swallowed hard understanding how Harry felt about loneliness. He had been captured by Michael, a Wraith turned into a human with a special procedure he had come up with. Michael had made a clone of him. His true being was killed in an explosion on Atlantis while saving one of his patients. Carson was a clone and this made him feel alone somehow different with his friends. John and his team found Carson two years after he had been created; not knowing he was a clone because he had all of Carson’s mannerisms and memories up until he was captured. Carson was deep in thought with his memories but came back to the present when Harry spoke again.

“I didn’t get a chance to tell Tazmia that the slug that was in John was the Ironclad Slug which is a blood sucker. Its shell broke inside of him when it became engorged. It is the way of the creature to have a full meal. When the hard shell breaks it begins cutting deeper into the victim until it bleeds to death. Once its victim dies the slug removes itself after it lays eggs inside the corps. Since it jumped into me I know it didn't make it to that stage yet, but you’ll want to keep an eye on him.”

Carson thanked him for the information and said he’d keep his eyes on him. “Harry, can you take Ron or some others with you to help?”

“No, I can’t take any of my kind because of the classification of Atlantis and I can’t take any military personnel because I can’t wait on the red tape. It’ll be okay, Rodney came up with the plan and I’m certain I can follow the instructions. I am working on a Plan B though just in case. I will not fail but if the plan doesn’t work, then it’ll be Plan B.”

“What is Plan B then; and what if it doesn’t work?”

Harry licked his lips and sighed gravely, “I’ll just say that if Plan A doesn’t work and Plan B does work, then the Giant will be gone forever, but so will I.”

Carson looked at Harry not knowing what to say. “Harry, I’ll go with you. Give me some sort of weapon and I’ll help you.”

Harry didn’t expect this offer and looked at first like he was going to accept Carson’s offer but then said, “Thanks Carson; you have no idea what that means to me. But no; according to Rodney I just have to plug this into its skull and wait for it to self destruct. Then I’ll be able to make them incompatible with each other so I can make them vanish into nothingness.”

Looking through the kitchen into the living room Harry half expected to see Ginny walking to him as though she had felt his need of her. But she didn’t show up and Harry stood up resigned to do what had to be done. He spoke kindly to Winky and smiled when she smiled at him. He looked at Carson and opened his mouth to leave a message for his wife and kids on the chance he didn’t make it back but couldn’t bring himself to say the words. Carson stood up and put his hand on the young man’s shoulder. He felt the trimmers under his hand and said, “I’ll make sure they understand, Harry. Be safe and come back to us so I don’t have to do any explaining.”
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