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Originally Posted by Uncle Moose View Post
He looking at him as though he was Mrs.Doubtfire.
Creed was in fact not Mr. Doubtfire.

He had not prepared himself for the constant use of the Word 'Mate' being in America so long he had forgotten that bit about the United Kingdom.
The Tall man begrudgingly shrugged his arm away when the young man pat it. There was such a thing as personal space. He barely knew this child.

He did not humor him with answer. Of course he was not a woman. Look at him! He scowled.

Oh but no no no. That last comment. "Your" Creed was going to set this young man straight. He had permission to use an Auror or a YATI if they were available to him for his trip to Diagon Alley. AND WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT!? The boy had graciously volunteered his time.

"Whether you are or are not alright is still up for debate" he retorted, no longer speaking of this YATI's physical condition.

"Try harder" because this example was very poorly given.

He will report to Ms.Cambridge within the hour on his intention of taking his young YATI under his wing, and then head to Diagon Alley to investigate this Vendor.
Matt pursed his lips to be able to stifle an amused chuckle at the man's reactions. He was one of those Ministry employees, then. The awfully serious type. Pffffft, lol. If only this former Gryffindor could convince everyone that you didn't have to be so dull to be taken seriously.

And now the old man was demanding Matt's name as if he were his boss or teacher or dad. Aw, Merlin, please. "Solo." He replied. Matt himself couldn't for the life of him remember this man's name or his job title. He was new, wasn't he?

Or had Matt actually just never noticed him? Er... that would be kinda sad if it was true. Should he feel bad for the old man?



And what in the world was he going on about now? Debate? Try harder? Wha? Matt gave him a blank stare before shaking his head as if trying to clear his thoughts. "Sorry, you lost me there... sir..?" Not really a question, but what was his name again??

Mr. Dull?
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