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Originally Posted by DaniDiNardo View Post
Nine? That was nearly the entire year. Just a little longer and they wouldn’t be here having this conversation. But they were here and it needed sorting. The situation here was a bit tricky. YATI was ongoing training, you had to be physically and mentally up to the tasks set before you. A break from that could potentially see skills slipping. This was the sort of occupation where your life quickly became centred around your work.

“Wish you’d have stuck out those last three months, I won’t lie, but I understand where it’s coming from.” Her own sister had taught her the severity of these sorts of situations and she herself had a little stake in there as well. It was the sort of thing you couldn’t entirely sweep under the rug and move on from when it struck.

“So here’s what we’ll do. You’ll train with the third year YATI but on an accelerated program, mostly to get your body back into the shape it needs to be. I won’t have you join the ranks then quickly fall out because of poor conditioning. You’ll begin the modules you never started and complete the ones you left in the middle of. That’s still more time on your hands than the average YATI so you’ll be helping Simon out with security when you’re not offsite for training. Any questions so far?” Before she continued.
Yes, she understood very much about how she left just three months into her last training year. If using time-turner were allowed, Ava would like very much to go back at that September and dealt with all the mess she had made, including finished her YATI. But it already happened and now... here she was. At least Cambridge understood about her condition that made her had to leave.

Listening carefully to the department head, Ava mentally made a note on her head. Accelerated program? Well, it was kind of relieved that she didn't need to start all over again but still, it was quite a challenge. "I do, yeah." She nodded when Cambridge asked her. "Does this mean there is a tiny possibility I could complete my program before end of the year?" Because she thought so. Ava also wanted to ask if helping with security team was mandatory but she decided not. It's not that she didn't want to help Bennett and the security team, but she had another job outside her YATI program which she needed to earn extra galleons for pay the rent.

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