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Originally Posted by DJ Moose View Post
Creed entered the Reception Area carrying his briefcase in one hand and letting a few piles of papers float neatly stacked behind him. He would need to sort through some of these documents today and figure out exactly what the previous IUMO Chief Inspector had not completed before departing the position. It seemed he had quite a bit of work left to finish for him.

No matter. Creed was up to the task.

He moved his way behind the reception counter and gently placed all the documents onto the desk behind the raised counter in front of him. he set his brief case at his feet and picked up the first document at the top of the stack and began reading it and marking issues and mistakes he found from the previous gentleman's work. He would completely flip his department around while he was here.
"I'm here, I'M HERE! Muriel, I'M ON TIME, I PROMISE!" Matt yelled called out to their receptionist as he ran in, clearly having just come from the gym area. Without looking at who was sitting there, the young man leaned on the desk with one hand and nearly bent in half as he caught his breath.

He wasn't exactly on time, see. It was totally his bad. It WASN'T as if it happened often, though. Really, it wasn't! IT WASN'T!! "Could you please just, y'know, let that one slip? Y'know, just don't mention anything to um... y'know." He continued still without looking up.

It wasn't like he was unfit or anything, it was just that he had ran REALLY HARD to get there on time, alright. See. That was commitment. Matt was truly COMMITTED to his work!!

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