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~ Mrs Steve Harrington ~ Friendly Neighbourhood Hufflepuff ~

The door opened and there he stood, her beyond handsome boyfriend. Rachel tried not to stare at him, a habit she had gradually developed over the years of them dating. But when she thought about, how could she even resist staring? Keeping her thoughts to herself, she smiled. “I keep forgetting. Besides you know that I still am reluctant to barge into your apartment.’’ It really was due to another habit of hers... she hated to invade someone’s space even if they expected her to. Rachel entered then pause to tiptoe to kiss Kyle cheek.

The coat was handed over with a murmur of thanks. “It smells lovely in here, Kyle!’’ Her eyes moved to the kitchen as she inhaled deeply. “May I ask what you made for us?’’ Wasn’t she lucky? Kyle was always making such meaningful gestures to her.
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