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Default Toxicology and Analysis Laboratory

The Toxicology and Analysis Laboratory on level three is a facility set aside for employees of the Accidents and Catastrophes department in order to continually work on their brewing and potion identification skills, or develop some experimental potions for assessment and tweaking purposes. While this laboratory is primarily for use by potioneers, it is also a space appropriate for those who are working to identify particular spells or charms found on bewitched objects.

This is a larger and more modern appearing space than the Magical Forensics Laboratory found on level two, and is more specialised for potion brewing and experimentation. Other Ministry employees that are permitted to work here alongside the A&C potions specialists include DERP Botanists who need more space and facilities than what the greenhouses provide, Law Enforcement employees with the appropriate clearance and Ever-Locked Room Potioneers and Charmists from the Department of Mysteries.

To one side of the lab there are brewing stations complete with all the equipment a potioneer might need. Along the back wall there are magical analysis machines that help with analysing constituent and component parts and ingredients of unidentified potions, as well as testing whether certain ingredients might react dangerous together. Along the other side of the lab you'll find stations for preparing ingredients and analysing bewitched objects. There is also a special magical poisons work area, and plenty of storage space for in-progress potions and completed brews.

If you need anything else within this space, you are expected to either provide it yourself or speak with your department head if it is something a little more questionable, large or dangerous. Many muggle items are available in storage for charms or potions work (including a few automobiles), and you may indeed find some items within the storage cupboard on the other side of the department. Please remember this is a dangerous work zone and all safety procedures must be followed to the letter - use your protective charms and make use of the protective gear provided.

While this room is intended for use primarily by level 3 employees, those who work in other departments may make use of this space with a written request and approval from Eliora Dodderidge, Department Head of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes.

You are more than welcome to play your characters in this thread, A&C employees do not need to ask permission to be in here and are encouraged to do so regularly to work on their skills - including those that do not work directly with potions. A well-rounded skill set is completely encouraged here. If you are not part of A&C, please send a VM or PM to Shanners or have your character make an IC request in Eliora's office on this level.

Keep an eye in here, because there may be particular scenarios provided for A&C employees to work with.

As always, all Snitchseeker site rules apply.
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