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It was needless to say that Rachel Skye Watson was excited for the upcoming break from university. She needed the rest, Kyle needed the rest. They needed to do fun things both together and with each other's family. As it was, she was invited over to her boyfriend's place for dinner that evening. That afternoon had found her taking her time to shampoo and condition her hair so that the brown strands smelled of apples. She had left it loose so that they cascaded lightly down her shoulders and back. The girl wore a light pink strap dress that fell to her knees and on her feet were black, heeled pumps.

Rachel could hardly wait for tonight. There was going to be no studying, no talk of university work or anything like that. Just a quiet evening with the young man she loved. It was safe to say that she able to prognosticate that this was going to be the beginning of an unforgettable summer.

Reaching Kyle's place, the girl raised a hand and knocked on the door.
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