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She was annoyed but not quite livid. It was.....a visible sort of annoyance, one she knew the 6 year old could feel all too well but it wasn't the ranting and cussing like she sometimes fell into when the little girl was being.....exceptionally trying on her patience.

Sneaking into her potions equipment, breaking all the phials under the excuse that she just wanted to "try it, too". Yeah...the former Gryffindor was pretty up there steaming but was getting better at controlling those moments. Only yelled that once then got quiet and seethy. Improvement, no? At any rate, it was better than when the then infant had gotten into the potions and swallowed things she shouldn't have. Nevermind how determined the 6 year old would've had to be to get into them NOW, Lex was keeping her composure. Calm. Calm.

Alexa moved briskly through the store, her grip firm but not abrasive around Emmerson's wrist as she pulled her along. This would be a short trip. There would be no stop in the candy shop. There would be no new toys from WWW. They would not get ice-cream. Someone was in huge trouble.

It was a little difficult keeping up with the wide steps her mother took but at this point, she knew better than to protest. She hadn't meant to break everything. How was she supposed to know climbing the shelves like that would make it happen? Now her knees hurt and she had a bandaid and a sinking feeling the yelling her mother hadn't done at the house would be done when they got back.

She WAS sorry but Mummy seemed to get angrier every time she said it, so she'd stopped for now and would wait til later to give her hugs and cuddles and make everything better. Yes. She'd wait for bedtime and everything would be okay. For now, she did her best not to touch anyth--"AUNTIE ELODIE!!!"Without thinking, the 6 year old tugged away sharply and ran toward the woman, all grins. Angry mother? What angry mother? "HI! HIIIIII! Where's Italy??" That's what Mummy called her and she liked it too so she did.

Circe sake. "Emmerson!" The words the kid had yelled before running off didn't register, only the fact that she had. Lex turned sharply on her heel to go after her, pausing only as the shopkeeper addressed her. Help? He could maybe help her stay out of Azkaban. Breathe, Alexa. "New phials to start."
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