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SPOILER!!: Abra! <3
Originally Posted by Felixir View Post
An actual GAME then? Well... obviously, of course all of this would be leading into playing a proper game of cricket. Duh. Well, Abra was up for it, and pretty enthused to hear he would be up first at batting again; it had been kind of fun, and he wanted another whack at it, literally actually.

So Abra stepped up to the wicket, bat in hand, and tried his best to repeat the stance that Professor Noble had showed him. He couldn't quite remember it in its entirety, but he didn't really have time to worry about that, because there was a cricket ball being thrown right at him.

Or bowled. Whichever.

Completely forgetting himself, Abra did what anyone would do in that situation and swung the bat wildly at the ball. It was blind luck that he connected with it at all, even luckier that he sent it soaring out towards those out fielding (or was it lucky? he hadn't considered the idea that someone might catch it). Abra hesitated for a moment, took one step towards the opposite wicket... then another... then started running to try and get those runs that Professor Stewart had talked about. He didn't really have a clue what he was doing, and only knew that 'hit the ball and run' was sort of the general idea.

Just look at Abra go. The running between wickets was certainly adding runs to their total. Placing her hands around her mouth to form a makeshift megaphone, Kay shouted, “Great running!’’ He was doing this right.

* * * * * * *

It was now time to switch the teams around. Kay clapped her hands together to get the kiddos attention. “Everyone, it’s time two switch the roles of the teams. My team, you may take your places next to the green plates. Mr. Katharos, you’ll take up bowling first. Ms. Dalgaard-Volkova, if you’ll be wicket- keeper.’’

“Awesome job, team!” Adi was super pleased with the score they had put up. Fist bumps and high fives all around! Septimus, Cordelia, you two will suit up for batting. The remainder of us will hang back here on the sidelines while those two get into the action.’’

OOC: Hiiii, guys! So now we are going to switch things up. Adi’s team is now batting, Kay’s is fielding and bowling. Same as before, members of each team, react as though the ball is coming at them whether they’re the batsperson, wicketkeeper or fielder. Adi’s team members can pretend they're up for batting Kay's team made 39 runs in 6 overs with 4 batspersons out: that is, 39-6 in 6 overs. Adi’s team needs 40 runs in six overs. This score was generated randomly on a site but the number of persons and the number of overs were chosen by myself. The same will happen for Kay’s team score when the activity ends on Monday 11th February at 10:00 PM EST.
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