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Default Pets 'n Plants Café

{Pets 'n Plants Café}

Tucked away in a corner behind the Shared Conference Room and right at the entrance of Level 4, you'll find a door leading you to one of the newest hang-out spots that the Ministry of Magic has to offer. If you wander inside, you'll see that what used to be a storage room has since been transformed into a hip café, complete with all the regular bells and whistles: square tables, comfortable chairs, & coffee-shop chatter. While there isn't a counter to order yourself a drink, there's an espresso machine, an assortment of teas, and a kettle filled with hot water along the back wall. You're encouraged to bring your own food and drink, but are asked to stay away from one-time use, plastic crockery (unless you want an Environment Employee hunting you down).

Did someone just touch your leg or are you imagining things?

It may be worthwhile to mention that this isn't just any café. This is a creature and plant adoption café! Small, rescued creatures (crups, kneazles, you name it!) who are in need of a loving home are walking around, curling up around your feet, and asking you for a nibble to eat! Please treat the creatures with care and be sure to give them some of your love and affection. If you find one you like, stop by one of the Level 4 Department Heads' offices to fill out the paperwork and make a furever friend. Not a pet person? Not a problem. There are plenty of plants hanging around too. Feel free to take one, or two, or however many you can hold! The procedure is the same for both creatures and plants alike!

Oh, and cheers!