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Tina didn't necessarily need to take Muggle Studies. She already knew a lot about the non-wizarding world, having grown up with a non magique muggle mother. She was mostly here out of loyalty to Professor Stewart, one of the few people in this school she (sort of) trusted... that and Muggle Studies was one of the least chaotic classes at this school. No potential for spells gone wrong, no scary creatures, no senile professor... that was always nice! Add to that an outdooor lesson that didn't require uniforms, and Tina had a pretty good feeling about this class!

She came dressed for sport, just like the class notice said, wearing a turquoise jogging outfit, a black jacket. and plain black trainers. She jammed her hands into her jacket pockets for warmth as she made her way toward the group.... just in time to overhear part of the comments made by a girl (Zoryn) who arrived not long before she did, a girl Tina immediately recognized as that loudmouthed Gryffindor who started the lava craziness in transfiguration. She frowned, rolling her eyes. Could she just... not? This was shaping up to be a fun class without any added shenanigans from Lava Girl. Honestly, did she think it was her job to cause chaos in every class or did her mouth just operate faster than her brain? Oh, what she wouldn't give for a good silencing charm right about now!

Tina was so flustered that it took her a minute to docus on her surroundings. The first thing she noticed was the weird-looking bats; they almost looked like beater's bats. Did muggles have a sport similar to quidditch? She didn't really keep up with muggle sports, but it would be neat if they did! "Hello, Professor Stewart!" she greeted with an uncharacteristically bright smile... a smile that faded when she saw the man with the professor. "Hello..."

Who was this guy?! And what was he doing here? Granted, Tina had only been at Hogwarts for a few months, but she'd learned from a very reliable source that strangers showing up at the school usually meant trouble! Was this guy from the Board of Governors? Was he one of Julian Scrimgeour's cronies in disguise, come back to take the school? She wouldn't be surpised, after the polyjuice incident in charms... Tina kept her eyes on the professor and mystery guest as she took a seat on one of the tree stumps. Until she got some information about the guest, she wasn't going to let her guard down!
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