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Maxie knew a lot about muggles for a pureblood. A lot, a lot. enough to impress others if he ever opened his thin mouth. His parents owned muggle businesses but besides all that the Hufflepuff had a deep love and appreciation for the Muggle art form known as Cinema.

Movies. Movies were a huge part of his life and the boy was still very upset over the loss of his Netflix account. That really was his biggest complaint, the lack of wifi and the internet.
The rest? well, he was not a fan but he had (not that he would admit this to anyone) become used to all the weird ticks and tocks of this place.
Hefting his bookbag onto his shoulder, Maxie entered the classroom and nodded to Propfessor Kaysha - his usual greetingfor every professor - and took up a seat near the back.

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