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What Abra wanted to know was why anyone would hold a lesson outside when they didn't even need to. He didn't care what anyone tried to tell him; it was freezing out here, and Abra was feeling it, regardless of how many warming charms he had on his clothes.

Grumbling internally, and sort of externally too, and also eternally, Abra made his way out to the ground where the Muggle Studies lesson was set to take place. He made sure to quit said grumbling before he got close to the professor and the unfamiliar guy beside her, and instead offered a strained smile. "Hello Professor Stewart, and, erm... hello..." He just about stopped the words 'other person' from passing his lips, feeling like that would be a tad impolite.

Coming to a halt, Abra took a seat on one of the tree stumps and eyed the equipment that had been set out. What was all THAT stuff for? Well, some kind of sport, obviously, but what a funny shaped bat that was, assuming that that was what it was.

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