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age 15, December 2071

The clocktower was one of Jake’s favourite places to go, especially when he was feeling particularly muddled in his head. Today was one of those days; from the moment he’d woken up it had felt like everything had caught up to him. It choked him, weighed him down, and rushed about him all at once, forcing him to acknowledge it.

Well, not today. Jake had a trick for that kind of thing, and it involved the clocktower.

He’d skipped Potions to come up here, and though it was for the best, he knew he’d pay for it later. But he didn’t care about that right now. Right now, he just needed… a moment.

Wrapped up in his cloak and Hufflepuff scarf, Jake settled himself at the very base of the clocktower before directing his eyes upwards and finding the pendulum. That was his trick. He loved to watch the pendulum.

Back and forth it went, back and forth he watched it go. It was mesmerising, soothing, and if Jake focused on it he could make himself forget everything else that had happened - everything that was still happening - even if just for a little while.
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