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Originally Posted by emjay View Post
Being a no-nonsense kind of woman, Kendra typically got right to the point herself, and so she appreciated that in other people. She didn't care to beat around the bush or have her time wasted. And in that vein, Kendra gave Chloe her full attention as it was her turn to speak in this impromptu interview.

Portkey crisis.. assisting with the implementation of Uber Apparators...broom testing... Kendra nodded to herself and jotted down a few notes in Chloe's file, as she continued to listen. And she seemed quite eager, which was a great quality, and it also reminded her of something that would be pertinent in the coming days.

"How do you feel about apparition and about teenagers?" It was relevant, even if it didn't seem so just yet.
Wait what?? Apparition and teenagers? Well she had helped in the uber apparator startup but Chloe guessed that probably wasn't relevant to the question since she had already mentioned that.

Pausing thoughtfully, her thoughts flickered to her younger brothers, whom although not teenagers anymore she recalled their teenage antics. And then there was her cousins who were in the pre-teen stages. And then there was her son, only a toddler really.

"Apparition is definitely a good mode of transport. Reliable and quick. As far as teenagers. They're young and maybe reckless sometimes but we were all teenagers once and really they just to be given the opportunity to be engaged." She couldn't help herself now. "But Ms... Jordan-Durand. What does teenagers have to do with the portkey master role?"
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