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Originally Posted by QueenGinger View Post
Out of no where, a girl flung herself onto Matthew's lap causing him to almost fall backwards off the bench. "Wha--" He didn't get to finish his sentence before the girl kissed him. Matthew pulled his face away from her. "What are you doing?!" He nearly yelled at her.

Matthew blinked a couple of times, unable to even contemplate the fact he had just been kissed for the first time, as he tried to remember if he knew this girl. She obviously was acting like she knew him, she even called him by name! "Uh, Mary isn't sitting there." Matthew said pointing to the now vacant seat where Mary had been sitting beside him. He carefully tried to nudge her towards the seat. "Sit over there." Matthew added, firmly.

Out of the corner of his eye, Matthew saw The Pink Thing once again. His head snapped around to it, but as he reached out for it The Pink Thing vanished. "Whoa, did you see that?" Matthew asked no one in particular.
Were Archer in her right mind right then, she would've snapped at the guy for practically yelling in her face. So it was lucky for him that she wasn't. Or not, because her feelings were hurt. He obviously didn't recognize her or her awesomeness at all. Which made her eyes water and her lips quiver in sadness. She did, however, move over to the offered seat.

Wait. This seat was still beside him. So maybe he just liked a more private setting for his PDA? So there was hope. The smile returned to her face at this realization.

She was so potion-addled that she didn't even notice the return of Babou. All her attention was still on Matthew. "Soooo later then?" she asked, her eyes fluttering flirtatiously. As for how she knew his name without him knowing hers, well she HAD been sitting near Bel and she did listen....sometimes.
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