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After the happenings at the feast the previous night and only managing a couple hours of sleep, three hours... maybe, Rylee was wide awake and ready to go. Managing to somehow completely avoid a specific older lion and after talking to a certain Hufflepuff things were okay. At least between the badger and herself that is. She had been able to go about her morning and get ready for the day which included a quick run around the pitch, breakfast and than back to her dorm for a shower and to get ready for the first lesson of her fourth year.

And all of this before eight a.m. Good thing Rylee was a morning person, well actually she was an anytime of day person. The hyper lioness that she was had a warm friendly smile on her face as she stepped into the classroom. "Good mor- uh... Hello, Headmaster," she greeted stumbling over her words just a moment as it was morning but the room clearly depicted that of nighttime.

Blue-gray eyes quickly scanned the entire area or that which she was able to see. A smile or a nod of her head was sent to anyone close enough to notice. Spotting a special younger lioness she went to stand beside her lightly bumping her shoulder against hers. "Hey, Issy. Did you have a good first night?"
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