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It would take Tessa a good few weeks to really get used to being up this early again. She still considered herself a morning person but that didn't mean the crack of dawn early. It meant, you know, 9am or 10am. Definitely NOT 7.30am.

She let out a few yawns on her way to the classroom. Better to let them loose now rather than in class. Professors often took offence if students were yawning through their classes, even when those classes were first thing in the morning. Or perhaps she was just thinking about last year, a year she would gladly forget.

Anyway, enough of that sort of thinking. She was trying to be extra positive.....this....year...... Her thoughts trailed off as she entered the classroom and saw, well, nothing for a moment as her eyes adjusted. The walls and ceiling mimicked the look of a night sky, but this was Defence Against the Darks Arts, not Astronomy. Tessa noticed their Headmaster surrounded by a few students and went over to them. "Good mor-eve- Hello, Headmaster. Or would you prefer Professor when you're teaching?" She asked, a curious and friendly grin on her face. She gave the room another look around, wondering whether they would be dealing with or learning about some kind of dark creature that liked bogs in the night time.
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