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Isla had no problem finding her way to the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom this morning. Thank goodness! She didn’t want to be late on her first day of lessons! Part of her reason she woke up extra early today so she could wake the others in her dormitory. Isla didn’t want them to be late to class either so she volunteered to become an official human alarm clock for her Gryffindor sisters! Teeheee~~

Merlin, she was too eager to start using her magic! She has been waiting for this moment for soo long. She wish to flourish her wand alreadddyy~!

As soon as she enters the classroom, darkness overwhelmed her senses. Oohh, what’s going on? She scanned the room, amazed seeing the indoor night skies just like the ones she saw in the Great Hall. ”Good morni~ evening, professor! Where are we?” she asked politely.
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