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Max smelled soooooo nice. Ronan felt a little embarrassed that he was so icky with mud, but Max LOVED HIM STILL so it was all alright! He could stay here in Max's arms forever and ever and ever, it was the comfiest place and he felt like he'd NEVER felt before, this weird mixture of giddiness and calm and oh, he HAD to marry him. Is this what Noel always talked about in his songs??? Because he understood it now, yes he did!! He'd WRITE to him tonight and tell him allllll about the love of his life and how mum and dad will LOVE Max because HE loves him and it'll be the best life ever!!

"No, that's okay, we can have more rocks........" Such a silly thing to worry about, because they had each other and that's what matters!! Then Max spoke next and Ronan smiled, entirely lovesick, and remembered only a few moments after that he needed to respond. OH!

"I have the best brother in the world, he'll help us get married!!" Ronan was sure of it. Max's voice calmed him, settled him, made him feel like nothing in the world could ever ever ever go wrong because he was HERE and they were going to get married and live together and just be close all the time!!!!!!!!

"ILOVEYOU!!" Just in case he forgot. HE MUSTN'T FORGET, it's VERY IMPORTANT.
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