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Merlin, he really should tone it down some. Why had Zoryn thought HE was the perfect person for this anyway? He was not smooth enough for this. He couldn't even FLIRT, let alone be casual about anything in his life. Nor was he good at improvising. But as much as he had tried to come up with a plan, he just hadn't been able to take all the variables into account, what with people having free will and all. There was just no way to predict any of this so he had decided that improvising was his best shot.

So here he was, yelling his friend's name.

Well done, Tamesis.

"Hey, sorry. Hi." He added a grin as he moved to stand next to the Quidditch Captain. "I missed you." HELLO. Just visiting a friend at her house table. "Oh, you have those delicious rolls!" Which they tooootally did not have at their own table you know. Nope. "I'll take some!" Wow, he was so absolutely bad at this but he was down the rabbit hole now so there was no way to go back. As he leaaaaaaned over, he casually - just as casually as he had done at his own table - dumped the love-at-first-sight potion into the pumpkin juice before grabbing a whole bunch of rolls. "Thanks!" He was going to leave now. "I'll talk to you later!" And because it wasn't weird enough he gave Bel a kiss on the top of her head before QUICKLY making his way back over to his own table, about ten rolls in his arms.

What a successful mission.
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