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SPOILER!!: replies
Originally Posted by Wood'sLittleFlower View Post
Hi hi hellooooooo, Nat!

What would you like? A couple of signatures pretty please!
Sizes: 450x172
Images: Imma give you models and yes <3
Neo - Vini Uehara
Eamon - Ricardo Hoyos
Sully - Arianna Hicks (or Ari Hicks. I think different pictures show up for both? <3)
Neo - Neo Coelho (feel free to try anything? Leave it blank? You know him p well <3)
Eamon - Eamon Macnair; Seventh year Hufflepuff; Class of 2098 (any combo of piece of this stuff is a-ok! Don't feel like you have to include it all!)
Sully - Sully Sullivan; Sixth year Ravenclaw (Feel free to nix her last name?)
Aesthetic: uhhhhhh. Up to you? Sully is pretty bright as far as her vibe goes. Neo is... Neo. Eamon is contrasty? But do whatever your creative brain tells you to.
Anything else? Just that I love you and thank you thank you very much?
ILY. Your request has been queued, my lovely.

Originally Posted by AlwaysSnapesGirl View Post
Eeeep, an open spot

What would you like? A set for Regina please, and a siggy for Rula if that's okay? If not then just the Regina set is okay <3
Sizes: Normal sizes for the avy/PP, 450x150 for siggy
Images: Regina pictures here, Rula pictures here
Text: Regina - "Regina Amstern, Hufflepuff, Class of 2098"
Rula - "Rula Van Hutton"
Aesthetic: For Regina, mainly just normal-ish tones, nothing too bright or too dark. Rula enjoys bright colors and her favorite color is orange, but they aren't required if you think something else looks better. I trust you! <3
Anything else? Nothing I can think of! Thank you so much in advance

Originally Posted by lazykitty View Post
I LOVE them! Thank you sooo much!
You're welcome! I'm so glad you liked them. <33

SPOILER!!: graphics
Heyyyyyy! I hope you like these and that Jó thinks they're cool enough. Let me know if you need any changes.

✔ Please credit me
✔ No hotlinking; upload onto your own image account
✔ Leave a comment when you pick up
✔ Let me know if you need any changes



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