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Originally Posted by PhoenixRising View Post
Oh. Maeve forgot about that. New Head of House. The fifth year bit her lip thoughtfully, "hopefully someone just as brave and kindhearted. Who you reckon might be my new Head of House? Actually, Anna might know." Girl being Captain and all... wait, did Captains have communication with their Heads of Houses or just the flying professor?

Wait. Daisy too on the quidditch train!?!? Why was Hogwarts so obsessed with quidditch?? Didn't they have any other hobbies??

"Me? I'm ... I'm mostly just enjoying the no classes and regulations. My aunt .... you know, Professor Sabra... she's taking me on a trip to Egypt next week. So that'll be fun. And I'll probably swing by St Mungos too." She wondered vaguely if she should let Patrick and Daisy in on the information her Aunt told her when she arrived home or wait. Eh, probably wait. They didn't need to know. Also, sass, who her? Neverrrr
Patrick understood the curiosity he had experienced that when the puppet had come into his house as a leader. He was so stoked that Professor Kennedy was back this term. He nodded along at Maeve’s comment about Anna knowing. She did know so much about things at Hogwarts, he still wasn’t certain as to how she knew everything she did. “You’re not wrong about that.” he muttered.

He smiled big, “The lack of regulations is so nice. I’m enjoying not hearing about my shaggy hair.” Although he had been keeping it closer than he had before. He remembered her aunt. He had tried his best to do well in her class but he felt dense in that course. “Wow that sounds so awesome. I’ve never been. Mostly only traveled in the states and locally around here.” he smiled wondering what kind of information her aunt had after leaving.

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