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Originally Posted by Granger Danger View Post

Stella was tired, she wanted nothing more than to go back to sleep and sleep for a couple of hours. She wasn't a morning person, she hated getting up early especially during the summer time. Her parents wanted to get an early start before it started getting too busy. Although she was glad she was done with shopping for her scool supplies but she was tired. Yawning walking into the shop she headed towards the counter.

Hm... what did she want? so many different choices to pick from. A French Vanilla cappuccino does sound good at the moment, maybe she should get one of those. She needed something to wake her up and get her through the rest of the day. If she didn't have something to wake her up, she knew nap time was going to be happening soon.

Ordering her French Vanilla cappuccino she waited for it to be made as she looked around for a place to sit. Biting her lip she looked around the place, it was packed and no places to sit. Her drink was finally up, she thanked the lady and seen a girl sitting by herself who looked to be her age maybe alittle younger. Walking up towards her she smiled. Um... can I sit here? Everywhere else is full." Holding her cup close to her so she didn't spill with people passing her coming and going.
Kaira looked up from her menu as she heard a voice..'Why of course,' she said, as she moved her stuff to make room for the girl. The girl looked slightly taller than her, so probably a fellow first year or second year. 'You look super tired,' she said, looking concerned.'I'm Kaira by the way, first year..,' she said, hoping to make a new friend. Was this girl too tired to respond? Maybe Kaira should have just shut up and kept to herself.
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