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Text Cut: Daisy and Dorian
Originally Posted by Ginevra View Post
"I'll be starting my sixth year at Hogwarts. I'm a Prefect for Hufflepuff house. Are you transferring from another school? We have quite a few former Ilvernmorny students at Hogwarts," Daisy replied.
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While Daisy was doing her Prefect duties and saying hi to a new girl (Torri)"Dorian leaned against the nearby table which was also covered with books and picked one up. It was a fairytale book. Curiously, the fifth year flipped through it but got bored very quickly. Maybe he should say hello as well? So he placed the book back on the pile but instead of getting up, he leaned to the side so that he could be seen from behind Daisy's back and held up a hand in greeting. 'Sup?"
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"Thank you very much. It was hard at times especially when I heard that Derf's beloved Bowtruckle had been killed by a certain Care of Magical Creatures professor. I'm glad he's gone. However, I knew that misbehaving wasn't going to do me or my house any good and I didn't want to lose my Prefect badge."

Daisy quickly glanced down her left leg. "My left leg is doing well. I might try out for the Quidditch team this term. It is scarred but I have regained full function of it, sadly thanks to Scrimgeour," Daisy said with a half smile/half frown. "If he didn't make those exercises so torturous, I'd be happy that he had aided in my recovery, you know?"

A sixth year Hufflepuff, hmm? It made Torii wonder what house she'd end up in. She'd read a little about each one, and she was kind of hoping for a certain house. She didn't want to jinx it by saying which one it was, though. She nodded. "I'm a fourth year transfer from Ilvermorny," she said. The words stuck in her throat like an overly-thorny rose. She never imagined herself leaving her school so early, and even if she did, she never imagined it would be for the reason it was.

They...had quite a few Ilvermorny students at Hogwarts? Torii raised her eyebrows at that comment. "You do? Like who?" she asked. It would be awesome to have someone she knew at Hogwarts with her. The 'sup?' from a nearby boy caught her attention, and she turned to get a good look at who Daisy had been talking to before her. She didn't immediately reply to him. Why? Because that little, simple greeting he had given her had been a game changer for her.

She hadn't wanted to move to Hogwarts. She hadn't even wanted to move to Surrey. She wasn't even sure she wanted new friends at her new school. But this boy? That simple response sounded so easy for Torii. It didn't require any feelings or commitments from her. It was also one of those questions that most people asked without even expecting a reply. So she smiled at him. It was a genuine, not even planned, smile. "Sup?" she asked in return. "I'm Torii."
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