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Eyelops Owl Emporium might not have been the place you'd expect to find the tall, but generally anxious form of Maxie Anderson-Belfort, but if you actually knew him - as his brother, and Kino knew him you'd have expected him to go nowhere else. Max had entered the shop a little over an hour ago and showed no sign at all of leaving. the young man softly cooed to a tiny owl further in the back of the shop, his usually stressed features melted into an expression of calm pleasure. He had loved birds for as far back as he could remember and no species of bird entranced him so much as the owl.

Noble, clever, and adaptable, they hunted at night away from prying eyes and judging minds and slept through the bright day and there was something about that, about the way they were able to keep so efficiently to themselves that Maxie admired and envied. He would not be buying one, for he had no need but the thought was swimming a little in his angular head. Immersed as he was, Maxie paid little to no attention to any and all other humans within the shop.

A pity, for here was the place he might have had the best chance at friendship, amidst fellow bird lovers.


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