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Originally Posted by Lislchen View Post
Over the past few weeks Nora Cresswell had become a regular at this coffee shop. How exactly that had happened she wasn't sure but she was coming here every time she was in London (and sometimes even flooed here JUST for the coffee). She didn't even stay and have a seat usually; she was just here for the coffee.

Today the place seemed to be busier than usual and she held her paper cup with both hands, trying to make sure not to spill any of that delicious Latte. Almost there. Almost at the-


Nora let out a few choice words in Danish as someone bumped into her side, in turn making her stumble into the nearest table. She could feel some of the coffee running over her fingers but at least she hadn't let go of the cup completely. "I'm so sorry." Nora said to the girl sitting at the table, eying her to see if she had to do some damage control.

Was she okay???
Prim was not expecting anything out of the ordinary when she was there sipping her caramelatte. Just people talking and walking around minding their own business and shopping considering where they are.

And now....

Well she would be laughing if had a mean bone in her body because that poor girl getting bumped and stumbled a bit, still holding onto her drink which was the impressive part and ended up by her...apparently

"Umm...its ok....are you alright? Are your hands burned?"

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