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Oh, how we drift away from our friends. And the ones back home play remember when

"Thank you very much. It was hard at times especially when I heard that Derf's beloved Bowtruckle had been killed by a certain Care of Magical Creatures professor. I'm glad he's gone. However, I knew that misbehaving wasn't going to do me or my house any good and I didn't want to lose my Prefect badge."

Daisy quickly glanced down her left leg. "My left leg is doing well. I might try out for the Quidditch team this term. It is scarred but I have regained full function of it, sadly thanks to Scrimgeour," Daisy said with a half smile/half frown. "If he didn't make those exercises so torturous, I'd be happy that he had aided in my recovery, you know?"
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