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Default Daisy and Torri ~
A path is not simply for walking, its purpose lies in moving forward and improving oneself.

Right, it had been her first year as Prefect. The stress from the badge combined with the rude behaviour from the Hufflepuffs last year must have been high for her. "I think you did great" he said with a smile. "And you never got swayed by the others to follow that sort of behabiour, i respect that" big respect. As for her House doing better this term, Dorian shook his head no. "Can't let that happen, Ravenclaw will win that cup again" he said. A little friendly rivalry never hurt anyone.

So se did know what she was going to do after Hogwarts. Dorian's lips pouted slightly because he was alone in this again. "That's cool, i hope you get what you want. Speaking of Healers, how is your leg?" as he asked, the Ravenclaw looked down. He couldn't remember which leg she hurt and perhaps it would be rude to stare so he looked back up.

While Daisy was doing her Prefect duties and saying hi to a new girl (Torri)"Dorian leaned against the nearby table which was also covered with books and picked one up. It was a fairytale book. Curiously, the fifth year flipped through it but got bored very quickly. Maybe he should say hello as well? So he placed the book back on the pile but instead of getting up, he leaned to the side so that he could be seen from behind Daisy's back and held up a hand in greeting. 'Sup?"
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