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Originally Posted by natekka View Post
Poppy tucked her hair behind her ear and pushed the rest of it behind her shoulder before she pushed open the door to Madam Malkin's. She knew what two items she definitely wanted to purchase while she was here, but some browsing wouldn't go amiss.

She walked over to a rack on one side of the store, standing beside another girl, and started looking over the options.
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Silk robes were a statement but Scarlett leaned more towards velvet because not only did they exude the same effect, she also particularly liked the feel of its softness against her skin. Comfy and fashionably classy, just like the way she liked her things.

She plucked an emerald one off the rack shortly after a girl stepped up next to her. Just in time. She needed someone to hold her things while she examined the robe's length. A charming smile on her face, Scarlett tapped the girl on the shoulder, "Hi. Hold my bag?"

Victoria walked around the store as she heard people come in. She had finally made it to the summer rush of students. It warmed her heart to see the kid-os moving about and finding things for school or for things outside of school. She loved each summer as a kid, picking up her supplies, her outfits, and making sure she had treats for her animals. It was the most exciting time of her life.

She skirted around to the counter grabbing a rootbeer barrel from her secret candy dish, popping it in her mouth as she looked at the girls who had walked into the shop. She wondered if she should go over and greet them. Deciding that she should go see if she could help them she began walking over.

She noticed the one girl asking the other to hold her bag. She skipped back a bit not wanting to hold anyone's bag. Waiting to see if someone grabbed the bag and watching the girl look over a set of dress robes. "You girls findin' everythin' okay?" Her southern twang coming through as she checked in with the girls.

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