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Originally Posted by GD2204 View Post
Delyth really couldn’t decide if she liked the man sitting in front of her now. What was it with him? He just seemed to demand information for her as if he it was his right to have it? No. It doesn’t work like that. You need to build trust before you get answers from this closed book. Although sometimes…Okay, all the time, the opportunity to be a little sassy was just too good to refuse.

She couldn’t help but frown slightly at his declaration that none of his university books were this long. Sheesh, what did he study? How to interrupt people’s quiet time with rude behaviour? That takes, what, 1 pages and lots of colouring? “I read this for fun, yes” she replied curtly, her lower lip jutting out slightly at his obvious distaste for her book. Stupid man with his grey coat. He could at least buy one that’s remotely interesting and that stands out. What is he, some sort of spy or something? At that last thought, she smiled now, her own joke amusing her slightly.

Deciding that there was no way she could read her book now, she tucked it back into her sunshine yellow backpack before finally answering his question. He could just wait. “I just finished university so I thought I’d come back home for a bit” briefly pausing now. She honestly didn’t really know what she wanted to do yet. Stupid Kevin had somehow managed to get her to think about something she’d low key been worried about. Lost in thought slightly now, she let out a soft ‘ugh’ under her breath at the thought of filling out job applications in the coming months.

Giving her head a little shake now, she stopped chewing on her bottom lip and focused on the man sitting in front of her. “So, what do you do for a living that requires you to read small books?” she asked, rearranging her face into a smile.
Kevin leaned back in the seat again and looked at the table. He had not ordered a firewhiskey yet now that he thought about it... Teasing this woman had been his main focus but now he wanted one. He was about to get up and order at the bar when Delyth spoke again.And she didn't sound pleased. "i could never read a book like that for fun but if you can. Go you" seriously why was she getting so agitated over a book? "What's your favorite genre to read?" he asked.

So she had just finished her University years. That was impressive. No seriously it was... "Which University did you go to?" he asked curiously as he watched her put her book back in her bag. "I went to Edinburgh University and studied advanced potions" it had been because of his mother really that he had gotten in to potions as she was a potioneer herself. At the age of eight he could identify certain potions by just smelling them. Much to the dislike of the potions master at Hogwarts. Kevin grinned at the memory. Now that he thought about it, he had spend most of his detentions in his class.

Shaking his head and letting the memory fall to the back of his mind, Kevin looked over at the bar. Ugh it was still too busy. He hated standing in line so he decided to wait a little longer before getting a drink

"Currently i'm working as a pensieve reviewer at the Ministry" he said, scratching his left arm. "Magical law enforcement" he added in case she did not know which department. "Do you want something to drink by the way? Im going to order a firewhiskey soon" if those people would just hurry up.
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