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Originally Posted by Holmesian Feline View Post
If she noticed his nerves, she gave no reaction to it. Her own awkwardness about it still there but seemingly manageable. Lunch was nothing. A simple meet up between fellow ministry workers and former Hogwarts students that went to school around the same time. No biggie.

No biggie at all.

Certainly, the gentleman…Owen rising from his seat to greet her. The laughter letting her know that her icebreaker had been well received. “Indeed…” she said, answering his almost rhetoric question. As for his question about joining him… “Well I just so happen to like fish and chips.” Cassie adding her own smile as she took a seat across from him at the table.
She was smiling. That was a good thing, right?

Owen retook his seat right after she did. "Wouldn't you know, I made some fish and chips...just for you." More grinning on this side of the table as the former Hufflepuff started to lay out the contents of his lunchbox; two containers accommodated Cassie's favorite, another one held what looked like tofu with mushrooms and broccoli. "Here you go," Owen said, nudging one container towards his companion, handing out utensils to her as well. He took extra care on seasoning the fillet so he hoped she liked it. "I also made some stir-fry. My sister likes mushrooms so I cooked enough for us to share too. You're not allergic to mushrooms or tofu, are you?" Catching up, starting with allergies.

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