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Originally Posted by Holmesian Feline View Post
Cass was thankful for the light workload she was dealing with today. It allowed her to not stress over the risk of getting distracted and it meant she would be able to leave for her lunch break without too much trouble. The last thing she wanted to do was arrive late and make her would-be companion think she had forgotten or stood him up. Granted it wasn’t a date...couldn't be a date...but still.

Her hands were empty for once upon entering the food court for she had no lunch on her and left her bag upstairs since wasn't purchasing anything either. Owen had insisted on covering it, cooking for her despite her own insistence.

“Fancy meeting you here,” she mused as she approached the table after spotting him. Her attempt to act complete normal about meeting up with someone for lunch.
For some reason Owen couldn't keep still; his leg wouldn't stop bouncing up and down. He was sure it wasn't from hunger. Something work-related? Not quite. He was ahead of his tasks today. Was it this then, his lunch with Cassie? He honestly didn't pay it much heed the night before, nor when he was painstakingly cooking the dish she said she liked. But now, as he spotted the pretty redhead, he was...anxious. Maybe it was because she might not like his cooking?

Yeah, that was probably it.

Here she comes.

Owen rose from his seat and chuckled slightly at her greeting. "Is it?" He humored her, his trademark grin in place. "Would it be so unexpected if I ask you to have lunch with me too? I have fish and chips."

Good. His nerves were easing.

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