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Default Ministry Entrances

When not making use of the Floo Network, there are two alternate methods to enter the Ministry of Magic whether you are an employee or a visitor. Accessible by means of Muggle London, not far from Trafalgar Square, are the underground public toilets and the red telephone booth. All employees are required to make their way the underground public toilets, whereas any visitors are to step inside the telephone booth. It is suggested that using these methods be done post haste -- you never know when a Muggle might come around the corner.

Ministry employees needing to use the underground public toilets will find the entrance on Horse Guards Avenue. Fifty yards along the pavement are spiked black railings flanking two flights of steps. The closest flight of steps toward Whitehall Road is labelled 'LADIES,' whereas the one opposite is labelled 'GENTLEMEN.' Following a descent down into the grimy black-and-white tiled area, one need only insert a Ministry embossed coin into a slot on the door, step inside the cubicle, climb into the toilet, and flush themselves.

Any visitors will find the telephone box linked to the Ministry beside the Department for International Trade building on the corner of Great Scotland Yard and Scotland Place, just off of Whitehall Road. Once inside the booth, the received will need to be picked up and the numbers 6-2-4-4-2 will need to be dialed. A voice will sound from inside the booth, requesting that a name and reason for being there be stated. Once that is done, a badge will slide out of the metal chute and the booth will make its slow descent.
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