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Default Skiing, Lunch, And John Joins Harry's Detective Agency
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Hey Guys, thanks for your loyalty and coming back for another chapter. Today begins a new short story. It is only 3 chapters long but leads into the next story where this one ends. Hope you are all doing well. I am still stuffed from Thanksgiving. Leftovers will hopefully be gone by tomorrow. Well; anyway, here is the story. Hope you enjoy it.

Short Story: Skiing, Lunch And John Joins Harry's Detective Agency

Chapter 1

Albus And Lily Gets Carried Away

John capped his pen and sat heavily in the chair by the fireplace. “I’ll stand toe to toe with a wraith any day of the week, but it is downright scary standing against Harry like that.” He looked at his hand and said, “He was right, he didn’t let it electrocute or burn me. That was decent of him.”

Ginny said, “It’s sad that Zeus pretended to be you and nearly killed Harry. The more I hear about him the less I like him. And I’m sorry to speak of your father that way John. I’m just so glad you aren’t anything like him.”

John shook his head but remained quiet. Ginny said she wondered how he knew it was John and not Zeus. Jack said he wondered that as well. John explained that Harry can read energy levels when he knows how much weight in energy can be held. You can’t fake it either because he can tell.”

Teyla asked where he disappeared to and Ginny said, “He goes off someplace where he will be alone so he doesn’t pose a threat to anyone. Sometimes when he powers down energy releases from him that he can’t control.”

Twenty minutes later Harry walked in the living room breathing hard and was shiny with sweat and snow. By the time he walked over to the fireplace he was refreshed and had a clean shirt on. His eyes stayed on John the whole while. He stopped in front of John and John stood up saying, “Oh sorry, I guess you want your chair.”

But it wasn’t his chair he wanted. He turned to Ginny and said, “I take it Lily is okay since I’m still allowed in the house. Is she hurt in any way?”

“No, Love, she’s fine, just a little shaken at what she did. It’s my fault though; I was trying to not be so overbearing about her magic and went too far. I just don’t understand something. Why was she able to pull out of her magic at the Quidditch game but not now?”

Harry cleared his throat and said, “She was quite a bit younger then. Her perspective was different than now. She saw me unable to get up and thought I was too tired. So it wasn’t anything to give me enough energy to stand up. That’s why I got up right as soon as I felt her magic; so she would think her magic did what it was supposed to do, get me up. She backed out of her magic then with no problem. Now though, she wanted to heal me. She said as much, remember? She said, ‘I’m sorry Daddy; I didn’t mean to hurt you. Please let me fix it, I can do it, I can do it Daddy, I know I can.’ She wanted to do it so badly that she was convinced she could do it.”

Harry looked around and asked where the kids were and she said she sent them to the basement. She stared at Harry wanting to ask him to forgive her for having Lily go against his wishes but felt she didn’t have a right to expect forgiveness because it nearly cost him his life. He asked her to see if they would come up with them and she started to leave; her eyelids brimming with tears and threatened to fall. He sighed and caught her hand gently to stop her. He put his arms around her waist and said, “Please don’t be upset, everything is fine. I’m proud of you for trying to be okay with Lily’s special magic and wanting to encourage her. Okay?” He softly rubbed the tears from her face with his thumbs and kissed her lightly on the lips.”

She smiled thankfully at him and left to get the kids. Harry put his hands on the mantel and leaned enough to stretch his back. He stared into the flames dancing over hot embers and then he lifted his foot to the fire and kicked the remains of a log instead of poking it about with the poker. He lifted two logs from the log bin and placed them on the flames. He kicked at them a few times until they settled in place.

He turned and looked at John without saying anything and then he grabbed him and hugged him so tight John couldn’t breathe and his ribs hurt. Harry let loose of him finally and looked him in the eyes and said, “You’re the bravest man living in two galaxies. It’s no wonder you’re my hero. Thank you for saving my life.”

It had been a ruse, Harry working the fire and logs. He wanted to wait until he could have his say and John not have time to say anything because the kids and Ginny would be bursting into the living room any second. He was angry that Ginny told Lily to go ahead and heal him just enough to make him stop bleeding. But he also knew Ginny didn’t make up her reason and he guessed he could understand her reasoning. It was because of this that he wouldn’t speak to her about it or be angry with her. Keeping it bottled up inside him wasn’t easy thus the kicking of the logs.

John didn’t make a habit of being caught off guard, but he definitely was when Harry told him what he thought of him. John put his hand lovingly, as a brother does when he’s old enough to show affection without getting embarrassed, on Harry’s shoulder. But he was like Harry and didn’t take compliments very well. “Don’t tell me things like that Harry. I won’t be able to fit my head in the Puddle Jumper when it’s time to go home.”

“Do you want me to sit on you again?” Harry asked and the others laughed at the two men. Before anything else could be said Ginny and the kids entered the room. They were all very somber and Harry’s chin quivered at the site of their worry. He smiled and said, “I asked a question a while ago and haven’t gotten an answer. Now let’s have some ideas to choose from. We need to do something fun outside before the weather gets worse. What should we do? I want to hear laughing and shouting and giggling,” he grabbed Lily, who had been walking quietly to his side to tell him she was sorry, and started tickling her giving no mercy to her begging to stop. She wasn’t very convincing since she was giggling and squirming so hard. “And I want to hear it from now until you boys go back to school.”

All three of the kids said, “We need to go skiing, Teyla doesn’t know how!” Harry looked at Ginny and said, “Do you have snowsuits Teyla and Sam can wear?”

Sam spoke up quickly and said, “I brought my own. Jack said he’d take me skiing if we came over here during the winter. So, I kept one packed so I’d have it at a moment’s notice.”

Ginny said of course Teyla could wear one of hers. Harry looked at Jack and said, “So you brought one for you?”

Jack nodded and said, “I figured I’d give you youngens a few lessons on how it's done.” Harry laughed merrily and the whole room seemed brighter. Harry said, “What about you two, do you have snowsuits?”

Carson said he didn’t, but he would just relax and read for a while. Harry tossed him a ski suit that appeared in his hands and told him to put it on. “There will be no reading while Jack is showing us how it’s done.” He looked at John and said, “How about you big brother?” John smiled and said, “I didn’t pack one, but I have one I left here from last year.”

Alright go put your long underwear on everyone we don’t want any one freezing it’s pretty chilly out there. Everyone started to go to separate rooms to change but Lily hugged her daddy and said she was sorry and to please forgive her.

Harry sat on the arm of the chair he was beside and put his hands on her shoulders. “Darling Angel, I don’t hold any acrimony towards you for wanting to heal me. I’m thankful I have a wonderful daughter who loves me and wants me to be whole. I am upset that you did try to heal me even though your ring gave you a clear presage that you should not challenge it; and then there’s the fact that I said no. But this is something we need to talk about when we can delve into a heart-to-heart about it later at a more private time. Do you understand me?”

Lily smiled and said, “Yes, Daddy. You don’t hold any animosity towards me and my ring did make a clear forewarning that I shouldn’t do it.”

Harry smiled and Lily said, “Are you proud of me for keeping up with my vocabulary skills? I keep learning more and more words and definitions. And it’s all because of you starting me on the subject.”

Harry said, “I am recurrently astounded with your vernacular and very proud of you.” She giggled and hugged Harry and said, “I love you Daddy.”

“I love you too, Darling Angel. Now go change quickly.”

Harry bounded up the steps and was about to go into his and Ginny’s bedroom but stopped suddenly when he heard Ginny, Teyla, and Sam laughing and talking in whispers. He turned away and shook his head when the guys came from their bedrooms and saw him still in his jeans and flannel shirt. He looked at them and he was changed into his ski suit. “How can women always have things to whisper and giggle about? And Lily is already just like them!”

Albus and James came out of their rooms and Harry grabbed both one in each arm and tucked them up close to him. They yelled with pleasant surprise and then he jumped on the banister with them and when they got to the bottom instead of jumping to the floor he sailed up next to the ceiling and zoomed around the entire downstairs. He slowed down and gently sat them down on the couch. Harry looked at his son’s and laughed with them.

“Hey, I have a great idea. Let’s call Ron and Hermione and see if they all want to come over and ski with us.” The boys happily said they thought that was a great idea. Harry called them and Ron said he’d love to but they had plans.

Harry looked at Albus and said, “Son, you can’t go out in the weather with Sneakers they’ll get soaked in minutes. Put your boots on.”

“Banner chewed up my left boot last night. And my old ones are too small.”

Harry said, “It’s not a problem. Is it still in your room?”

Albus said it was and Harry told him to summon it. Albus did as he was told and Harry asked if he was taught yet how to do the mending charm. Albus said yes and Harry told him to go ahead and fix it. Albus did and Harry smiled, “That’s excellent son.” He looked at James and said, “I’m sure you learned it also, correct?”

James said yes and Harry then explained why he was making sure they knew how to do the charm. “The weather is bad out there especially on the hill behind Pride Rock. While I was out a little bit ago I sectioned off the area around the ravine with ropes and flags. It was nearly invisible with drifts and blowing snow. I want us to all have fun but we must keep our heads about us. Watch and listen to make sure no one rips their suits on branches or bramble. It is important if you see anyone in distress that they be helped immediately. Our suits offer us protection against the elements but if they get torn then the insulation is ruined. So if you see anyone having issues then don’t wait for me or your Mum to come and fix it, you have my permission to use your magic. Harry snapped his fingers and Albus’s shoes were off his feet and his boots were on them. Banner jumped up and grabbed the boot lace with his teeth and began pulling. Albus laughed and said, “You need to settle down puppy, I’ll be back before long. It will be lunch time soon; you stay here until I come back in. Be a good boy, Banner.”

Everyone met in the living room and Harry explained about the area around the ravine and to make sure to stay away from it. He held out his arms and said for everyone to grab a hold of him. Ginny stepped in front of him and put both arms around him and squeezed tight. He looked down into her eyes and she was beaming with joy to see the twinkle in his eyes. He grinned and as soon as he felt all the others hold his hands or arms he took them all to the top of the hill behind Pride Rock. He pointed to the ravine and looked around to make sure all saw it. They nodded their heads and Harry swirled his wand and skis and ski poles appeared in everyone’s hands. He made a complex move with his wand and eleven chairs floated just above the ground at the bottom of the hill. “When you get down to the bottom, sit in one of the chairs and it’ll take you up to the top again. Be ready to get off at the top because the chair will disappear and go back down to the bottom.” He pointed to each one with his wand and a red button appeared on them. “If you find yourself in need for any reason press the button and a red light will shoot up in the air and remain there until help arrives and pushes the button to turn it off.” He pressed the button on his suit and they all saw he was in a circle of red and the light beamed up into the air. He turned to Ginny and she pushed it again and the light went out. Let’s take a go at it; avoiding Pride Rock at first to test the pack of the snow. After that everyone is allowed to begin. Watch out for others and have fun.”

Harry quietly asked Ginny if the kids were good at skiing and she nodded her head and said they were quite good. He nodded his head and smiled a sad smile, happy his kids were able to have fun even though he had never experienced any of it with them. He turned to get in line and saw that everyone was watching him. A dawning suddenly came to Ginny. “Do you know how to ski, Love?”

Harry nodded his head and said, “I learned the second year of my Quest.” He didn’t say anything else so she dropped it until later when he might be okay to tell his story of that part of his adventure. He put his goggles on and set off down the slope. The rest of the group followed him down watching as he’d point his wand now and then painting snow covered boulders with black holograms to make sure they could easily be seen. When he made it to the bottom he sat in a chair and the sides folded over him holding him in. When he got to the top the chair disappeared and he was on his skis again.

He waited for Lily and asked if she’d like to ski with him for a while but Ginny said she was hoping she’d ski with her and Teyla. Then she told Harry that John had been talking ever since he got here he was hoping to have some ski races with him. Harry grinned, “You don’t mind if we play?”

Ginny laughed and said, “I’m anxious to watch you ski and it’d be an extra bonus watching a race. Go on and have fun.”

John dropped out of his chair and grinned with anticipation. Harry asked did he want to race and John answered, “It won’t be much of a race, I watched your moves and I’ll beat you easily. Who taught you to ski anyway?”

Harry’s smile faded slightly when a flashback went through his thoughts. An impish grin flashed over his handsome face and he said, “I did; and I was a very good teacher and student. So, first one down and over Pride Rock and then take a sharp turn through that patch of trees and on down to the bottom of the hill and back up here and grabs the flag is the winner. And it goes without saying using magic is strictly forbidden.”

Everyone laughed and cleared away from the two racers. Harry and John looked at each other and then nodded knowing what was on the other’s mind. “Jack, Carson, Sam, you guys wanna join us?”

They all said they’d rather watch the two of them race first. John said, “Lily; be our starter okay?”

Lily counted them down from three and said, “GO!” Both men took off precisely at the same time. They both looked very good, very agile and responded to each bump and curve like shock absorbers and tires on a car. Harry tucked down low and then cut his skis into the snow to turn sharp and cut under a low overhang John had to jump over taking more time than Harry’s short cut. Harry’s lead was short lived though when he was approaching the ravine the family of rabbits jumped out in front of him. He fell over on his side sliding around the rabbits, keeping his skis from digging into the snow he was able to keep them held straight. After he passed the rabbits he was able to get back up on his skis without losing a lot of momentum and fell in behind John who laughed at him when he passed him taking the lead. Harry stayed low making great speed then he came up beside John approaching Pride Rock. John and Harry reached the edge at the same time. John stayed up and leaned far forward on his skis to get length on Harry, but Harry crouched very low and stayed that way over the edge dropping him nearly straight down but he was going so fast when he landed he shot out way ahead of John when he landed. This would have been the end of the race if he didn’t have the power in his legs to stand back up to get better control of his skis. But he does have extreme power in his legs and stood up getting ready to turn sharp into the small stand of trees. He was through them and out the other side and then he was at the bottom where he jumped on the chairs and made it to the top where he grabbed the flag just as John landed and skied over to the group cheering Harry for the win.

The morning fun continued well past noon until Ginny said, “I think we need to call it a day. The snow is coming down much heavier now and it’s getting hard to watch the kids; and then there’s lunch too. We need to go in and have our lunch with plenty of water. Harry and John both looked up and around and nodded their heads in agreement with Ginny. Harry said, “It’s getting too windy too; it isn’t safe for the kids and a few of the adults to be jumping Pride Rock, the wind can blow them off course or into trees.” Harry called to his guests and the kids and told them it was time to go in.

James complained that he didn’t get a chance to jump Pride Rock. Harry looked around and said, “Where’s Albus and Lily?” James said, “They just jumped Pride Rock, they were already in the air when you called and this wind hadn’t started blowing or we wouldn’t have made the contest.”

They all turned to look and Ginny screamed as she saw the wind gust carry the two smallest children away. Harry grabbed Ginny from skiing after them and said to wait and just watch where the wind takes them. They saw Albus drop his poles and his skis flew from his feet. He grabbed Lily just as she was being swept further ahead of him. Then the snow became too thick to see through and the wind became harder to stand against. Harry grabbed James and yelled in his ear, “Take your mum, Teyla, Sam and Carson to the house now. It’s too dangerous for you all to be out here and I want Carson to be ready with his medical bag if he’s needed.”

James nodded and he took their hands and told Carson and Sam to hold on tight. They were surprised but did as he told them because of the urgency in his voice and they had seen Harry holding onto him and giving him instructions they couldn’t hear. As soon as James had everyone he nodded and let go of his son. Then they were gone from sight.

Harry said, “Watch for the red distress light so we can find them if they’re able to use it. They were headed toward the Pine trees the last I saw. John we raced through them; remember?”

John yelled he remembered and Harry told Jack and John to search together the top side of the stand and he’d search the lower side. They searched the trees and all they found were Albus’s ski equipment. Harry grabbed his two friends and stood them in front of him. Then he summoned his invisibility cloak and expanded it to fit around the three. He gave the sides to John and Jack and took off his gloves. His wand appeared in his hand and he demanded it to point him to Albus’s wand. The wand spun and finally stopped. Harry said he needed to do some calculating and asked what they estimated the wind velocity to be. Both men being experienced pilots came up with the same estimation. Harry nodded his head saying he agreed and then said, “They’re somewhere passed the Burrow if the wind didn’t change direction. Do you guys need to go inside?”

“We’re good let’s go,” they both said.

Harry grabbed them and disappeared below the Burrow and said, “We need to be on ground now. Do you see the red light?”

They all looked around and said no. They started to ski in the direction the wind was blowing and after twenty minutes Harry yelled, “There’s a red light!”

When they got to the light Harry’s heart went to his throat. Lily was lying on the ground not moving and Albus was holding his hands over her shoulder. The strange thing was there wasn’t any snow landing on them and the wind wasn’t blowing their hair.

Harry swished his wand and snow fell on the kids and the wind blew over them. Harry cast a large dome over them and made a jar of blue flames appear inside it with them. He squatted down and Albus in a weak voice said, “I knew you’d find us. Lily’s suit was torn and I mended it. She said her shoulder was broken and then she passed out. I have been trying to feel where it is broken like you showed me that one time, but I can’t find a break. Is she going to be okay, Daddy?”

Harry suddenly looked alarmed and gently turned his son to face him. “How did you get this nasty cut, son?” He glanced at Lily to assess her coloring and breathing. Jack squatted down to her and began to gently unzip her suit and check her shoulder. Harry turned back to tend to Albus while he explained his adventure.

“Lily wouldn’t drop her poles and skis like I told her to and she was flailing about because she was afraid. I was so afraid I was going to lose my grip on her. The wind kept blowing her skis causing her legs to whip around hitting me all over the place and one of her poles hit me. When the wind dropped us I summoned a large hay stack to land in and her pole flew around and I caught the tip of it with my neck. When I saw it I tried to move out of the way of it but her ski knocked my feet out from under me. That’s how her shoulder got hurt, I landed on her. Something blew past us and ripped her suit. I mended it like you said to. It hurts where her pole cut me, and I’ve lost a lot of blood. I thought if I could find where her shoulder was broke I’d give her some Skele-Gro and then she could look at my cut and mend the vein. I didn’t know what else to do. I didn’t want to wake her up if I couldn’t find if it was broken or not. At least asleep, she isn’t in pain. I put a small dome over us, but I didn’t want to use the blue flame in case it took long to find us. I didn’t want the flame to use up our oxygen. And plus I remembered that one time you were teaching me how to make a potion and you told me that hay is an excellent heat source.”

Harry had been cleaning and working on Albus’s neck while he talked and when his young son stopped talking he said, “You did spectacularly, everything you did is exactly what I would have done. I’m proud of you son. Here we go, I’ve closed the vein and closed the cut. This Dittany will heal it so you won’t even be able to tell you’ve been hurt. It will leave a very faint scar though. Now,” He put a bandage on it and then pulled his arm out of his ski suit and did the same with Albus. “You need blood right away; and today is your lucky day, because you have a donor with matching blood type who is willing to give you a helping hand.”

By the time he explained what he was doing, he had the transfusion started. He summoned some Honeydukes chocolate and gave everyone some, and Albus’s piece was pretty big. He looked over to Jack who had been checking Lily’s shoulder and asked how she was doing. Jack said he thought she was fine and ten minutes later Harry took the needles out of their arms and then he said, “I’m sorry son, this won’t be comfortable because my hands are cold.” He slipped his hand under Albus’s suit and placed it over his heart. A few seconds later he watched Albus and transferred some energy to his brave son. He withdrew his hand then he and Albus fixed their suits on right and Harry extinguished the blue flames and the dome disappeared. He picked up Lily and asked if Albus was able to take Jack and John home. Albus said he felt great and so he took them, and Harry took Lily home.
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