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Default SnitchSeeker Glossary

The SnitchSeeker Glossary

Like any online community, here on SnitchSeeker there are several abbreviations and some terminology that our members and moderators frequently use that may need some explaining to newbies. Some of these terms are relics of the past and are no longer actively in use though you may still come across them around the site if you're someone who likes to dig into old threads. Below you will find our glossary of terms. If you have a term that you think should be added to this list because of common use on site and in our community, you may post in this thread and we'll check it out.

Please note, this is not a discussion thread, only posts suggesting abbreviations and terms that are appropriate to SS and commonly (or historically) found on site are permitted.

SPOILER!!: A through P

Avvie - This is your Avatar or your Icon, the 100x100 image under your username.

DA - This stands for Diagon Alley and refers to the Diagon Alley RPG forums.

IC - Stands for In Character. This refers to any situation where it is the RPG character's opinions, thoughts or actions within a post, and not necessarily that of the member who plays the RPG character. Its important to learn the difference between IC and OOC.

Face Claim - In RPGs, this is the Character Model, or Model that represents your character.

FCs - Fanclubs! This is a section of the site that is now retired, however you may see reference to the FCs around site in old threads, in member accolades denoting the positions they held as fanclub officers, and so forth. Sometimes this is also a short form of 'Face Claim', see above.

FF - Fanfiction. All Fanfiction on SS is Harry Potter related.

Flaming - To flame means to TYPE YOUR POST IN ALL CAPS (or all in capital letters). It's considered rude because it's equated with shouting.

HB & HG - Head Boy and Head Girl, positions in the school RPG that change every term.

HP - Harry Potter!

KA - Knockturn Alley.

LC - Leaky Cauldron.

MMs - Madame Malkins.

MoM - Ministry of Magic. Usually refers to the Ministry of Magic RPG. You'll also find other abbreviations here such as MLE and A&C, referring to some of the departments.

OOC, O.O.C, ooc, or o.o.c- Stands for Out of Character. This is used in RPGs to indicate that the person is speaking for themselves and not for their character. Out of character comments should be kept to a minimum so as not to spoil the mood.

PAMS - Stands for Post Alot More Soon. (or Please Add More Soon etc) Used when commenting on fanfics to encourage the writer to post again.

PB - Play-by. Same as Face Claim. Also PB may refer to Photobucket, an image hosting site.

PM - Stands for Private Message. This function is open to members with +10 posts and allows the member to send a private message to other members of the site with +10 posts.

PP - Profile Picture

SPOILER!!: Q through Z
QC - A shortened form of Quidditch Captain. There is one per house, and they are positions within the School RPG.

RP, RPer and RPG - Role Play, Role Player, and Role Playing Game. These are games that allow members to pretend to be a character in a thread or forum. There are several places for RPing on SS: apart from the three big main RPGs, Hogwarts, the Ministry of Magic and Diagon Alley, there is also St Mungo's Hospital for individual RPGs. These sections are off-limits to Newbies, and the School is off-limits to non-sorted members.

Siggy - Signature. These are graphics which a member can have at the bottom of their post.

SPAM or s.p.a.m.- Stands for Short Pointless Annoying Message. Any posting that is off-topic, repeated or very short is considered SPAM.

Stalking - Reading of the RPG posts, plots, and storylines of other people's characters whom you find interesting, funny or cool. If someone is stalking your charrie in the RPG, that is a good thing. However if there is real stalking going on, do tell a mod. Thanks.

Tags - The fun colored messages and names above an individual's post. Usually only admins can give these, but sometimes for events they are customizable.

TP - An old name for our spam chat forum. Stands for 'The Prince'. It was the name of the spam chat forum before the Half-Blood Prince movie was released.

SH - This is anothr old name for the spam chat forum. You'll have to poke around or ask a SH regular what it stands for

SS - SnitchSeeker. That's where you are right now!

UN - Usernote. Every member has them. They were the preferred form of communication before we got the upgrade and Visitor Messages became the norm. Some pld school members still prefer to use them.

Usergroup - This refers to the member groups you are in, such as your house, or department in the ministry, or if you are a member moderator, part of a fanclub etc. You can be part of more than one usergroup, the one that effects your username color is called your display usergroup.

Usertitles - These are the official titles found underneath a username. Some may be text usertitles, some may be images. Most are job titles and denote responsibilities held on SS, but some are awarded for those who win competitions.

VM - Visitor Message. Everyone has Visitor Messages on their profile page. These can be disabled, but we don't suggest it as they're the easiest way to say hello to other members and let them know that you've posted etc.

WWRPG - Wizarding World Role Play Game. This refers to the Ministry of Magic RPG, the Diagon Alley RPG and the Hogwarts RPG. All of these areas run on the SAME timeline.

WWW - Weasleys Wizard Wheezes, this is our Games Forum.

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