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23. Levicorpus

Those two.

Minerva swore most of her grey hairs were from a certain duo of Gryffindors…and the Slytherin they loved to torment. Five years of this! And she had made the mistake of thinking they might be done for the term, given that OWLS were in full swing. But no…no. There she was casually walking through the halls when the student came racing towards her to get her attention as the nearest professor and their head of house.

“Put him DOWN…Mr. Potter!” she ordered, a scowl on her face to make sure the young man in question was well aware she meant business. And Merlin help him should he take that to mean to drop Snape where he hung upside down by his ankle. Of course, she and Slughorn would be commiserating this evening regardless, the longstanding feud a weird way of getting the Slytherin and Gryffindor heads to be the most civil to each other.

Albus probably got a kick out of that. But then again…

Misery did love company.
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