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Originally Posted by Hey Ju View Post
When the person right in front of her said her name, Sophie's gaze darted form her daughter to... "BEEZUS!" The brunette shouted exclaimed, quickly covering her mouth with one hand and giving an apologetic look and shrug at those around them. Woopsie. Loud much? She couldn't help it, though, she hadn't seen her good friend in AGES!

Before Sophie could say anything else, the former Ravenclaw was asking if that had been Scarlett, making Sophie let out a chuckle as she hugged her friend back. "Yeah, she just turned four last week!" Madness, if you asked her. Sophie would never have thought time could go by this quickly. And yep, that was her youngest on her back. "Kenzie here is... nearly two!" She said, holding onto her friend's arm as a warning for her to get ready for the next part. "The twins are eight. EIGHT!!" The former Hufflepuff flails her hands in front of her BECAUSE! She still couldn't believe she had children who were eight years-old, alright. Was she that old? Apparently so.


Anyways. "So you're back now!? For good?? Have you moved in anywhere yet? Do you need help with anything? How's Tamlin!?" Sophie had ZERO CHILL because BEEZUS WAS BACK IN TOWN, EVERYONE!!!! "You have to come over for dinner and a playdate for the kids some time soon!! Mordred will love to see you!" She said, wishing she could let her husband know RIGHT NOW that their friend was standing right THERE IN FRONT OF HERRRRR! This was SO EXCITING!!


OHMERLIN, WHERE WAS SCARLETT NOW? Oh, there she was by the counter blabbing away with some random stranger. Okay, good.
This was Sophie, all right.

Beezus Beatrice's mouth was now set in a perpetual wide smile as she took in the barrage of information from her long-time friend. She had been so busy with moving in and work and Tamlin that she barely had time to let her friends know that she was back. She should've have done it earlier because merlin, she missed the other woman, as well as the kids.

ESPECIALLY the kids.

Scarlett was four? "Oh, goodness, remind me to get her a late birthday present." She'd missed A LOT, she knew. It was high time she made up for that. Plus more playmates for her Tamlin! He was going to be so excited! Where did Scarlett go, by the way? ...Oh, there she was. Merlin, she was practically Sophie's mini-me!

...And Mackenzie was two? Ugh, the sweet coddle. And WHAT...what? She squeezed her friend's arm in return, her brown eyes widening slightly. The twins were eight?! When did that happen? They were still babies last time she saw them. "Eight?! Holy hippogriffs, Sophie. What are you and Mordred doing? Building a Quidditch team?" She teased, pulling the mother of a soon-to-be Mordaunt Quidditch team to sit.

Keeping an eye on Scarlett as well, the brunette laughed at her friend's onslaught of more questions. "Yes, I'm back! With Tamlin, of course." A small squeal might have escaped her at the proclamation. "It's so hard being a single mother, Soph, mainly because Tamlin is so curious at everything now and I just want to spend all the time with him but then there's work..." She could totally use some help. "He's off to a private babysitter right now, one my Aunt recommended. Asking you totally slipped my mind but in the future, would you mind watching him some time?" Tamlin was pretty well-behaved anyway...for the most part.

Also, dinner...more Mordaunt madness goodness. "Yes to dinners and playdates. Absolutely yes."

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