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SPOILER!!: Sophs!
Originally Posted by Hey Ju View Post
Truth be told, Sophie COULD have left her two youngest kids with Calen that day. She COULD have. But did she?

Nope. Of course not.

So with Mackenzie on her back in a nice baby sling, she held onto little Scarlett's hand and struggled led her daughter around the streets of Diagon Alley.


Okay, Scarlett was the one doing the leading here, who was she kidding? That was probably why they ended up in Florean Fortescue's instead of... anywhere that didn't sell food that could potentially ruin her children's teeth.

WELL. This brunette wasn't going to protest, because she fancied a bit of ice cream herself. BUT did she really or was that just her willingness to please her little 4 year-old?

UmmmMMMmMMmm.............. Probably both.

No matter, it was clearly ice cream time now! Sophie stepped into the shop just as her daughter pulled away from her grip and ran off to the counter, bumping into someone's legs on her way. "Sorry, ice cream!" Sophie heard her say as she continued to run without looking back.


"I'm so sorry..." Sophie said to whomever it was her daughter had slammed into that day, always keeping an eye on... right, whose mini-me was Scarlett? She didn't have any idea.
She was enjoying her ice cream, as usual, but she would have enjoyed it more if Tamlin was here. He would have probably insisted on getting seconds and being the doting mother that she was, she would have easily relented. Anything to make him happy, really. That was the entire sentiment. But today she had had a lot of work stuff to take care of, being it her official "coming back" to the British Ministry after being assigned abroad for years. It was actually a pleasant surprise that she was able to settle everything before the sun came down and had this little moment with herself.

A half hour more to see her son. Not long now.

Just then, a small figure bumped on her legs and the ex-Ravenclaw reflexively reached her hand out to make sure the kid did not fall. But no falling whatsoever and the little girl, unfazed, continued on her way. Beatrice chuckled softly then looked up to the direction of the apologizing woman, who must have been the girl's mother.


GASP. "Sophie!" Dear Merlin, it was her, right? Which meant... "Was that Scarlett?" It wasn't frequent but she and the Mordaunts exchanged letters throughout the years if only to talk about the birth of babies and such. Then came another gasp from her because at this point she had vacated her seat to give her friend a hug and came face-to-face with another babe. "Holy hippogriffs, is this Mackenzie?"

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