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Ollivanders Products and Services

New Wands:
Starting price 9 Galleons. Your wand will be matched specifically to you. Some woods and cores are by nature more expensive than others. the cost of the materials and the labour of the wandmaker is included in the price.

Wand Repair:
minimum ten sickles but depends on the extent of the repair. Ask for a quote.

Wand Restoration:
If your wand sputters, puffs, bangs, or just seems less sensitive than it should, a restoration service is available. We will treat the wand with our wand care products and recommend a course of care for your wand in the long term. This service is particularly useful for potioneers, alchemists, and those who work with alternative magics which may block or conflict with your wand. It is recommended that heirloom wands undergo the restoration service in combination with the Repair service, in case of any hidden damage. Ask for a quote.

Wand Engraving and Carving:
Please note this is a specialty service, as an incorrectly etched wand may cease to function, therefore the minimum cost is 1 galleon. Ask for a quote Example engravings include: Rune symbols (invoked or non-invoked), Alchemy symbols, words (priced per letter), carved motifs such as ivy, waves, spirals, and stars (priced by labour)

Handle Embellishment:
In some cases, gemstones may be inlaid in the base of your wand's handle. This is a specialty service and will be charged for both labour and materials, unless the materials are provided. Additional wooden sections may be added to the handle of your wand. This is a delicate procedure as the added wood must balance with the existing wood and core. Handle Embellishment minimum cost is set at 20 Galleons. Ask for a Quote.

Wand consultation:
We will give expert advice on the recommended course of action for a problem wand at no charge.

There will be no negotiations on wand prices

Holsters and Pockets
Select your material:
Satin: 8 galleons
Velvet: 7 galleons
Snakeskin: 9 galleons
Alligator: 11 galleons
Leather: 4 galleons (please specify what colour you would like)

Dragon : varies
_______Antipodean Opaleye: 13 galleons
________Chinese Fireball: 9 galleons
________Hebridean Black: 7 galleons
________Hungarian Horntail: 12 galleons
________Norwegian Ridgeback: 8 galleons
________Peruvian Vipertooth: 13 galleons
________Romanian Longhorn: 9 galleons
________Swedish Short-snout: 7 galleons
________Ukrainian Ironbelly: 9 galleons
________Welsh Green: 6 galleons
Manticore:16 galleons
Tebo: 18 galleons

Other rare materials may be sourced on request, for a price.

Select your style:
Wrist holster: no extra charge
Ankle holster: no extra charge
Hip Holster: no extra charge
Shoulder holster: add 3 galleons to the base price
Chest Holster: add 3 galleons to the base price

Double mounted chest or shoulder holsters are available for Magical Law Enforcement and licensed Ministry Employees.

A service is available to have pockets added to Wizarding garments. The pockets are guaranteed to be discreet and snag free. Minimum cost 1 galleon, depending on the garment. This service takes three working days, but an overnight service and a rush service is available upon request. Ask for a Quote.

Polishes, Salves, Rubs, and Oils:
Wand Polish - 1 Galleon, 8 Sickles
This is the most common and effective applicable wand product. Most people polish a wand for purely cosmetic purposes, as the polish allows for a nice shine to come up on the length of the wood. Aside from the shine, it also smooths a wand and allows for a more comfortable grip without making the wand slippery. This should be rubbed into the wand wood at least once a month or after a sustained duel. A soft polishing cloth should be used to apply the polish and it should be buffed until the polish is no longer visible.

Wand conditioning oil - 4 Galleons
Wand conditioning oil is your best bet if your wand has sustained a few cracks, scrapes, scratches or marks as it prevents the wand from drying out and stress fractures from forming as a result of apparently minimal damage. It helps to repair these small damages and when it does not do so 100%, often means a full repair by a wandmaker will work better due to the conditioning treatment having been applied already. It also has the added benefit of allowing the natural shine, colour and tone of the wood to come through, and should be applied a few times a year or more often if your wand sees a lot of use.

Wand Strengthening Oil - 4 Galleons
Strengthening oil, unlike wand polish and conditioning oil, helps to make sure a wand will not snap or crack under pressure. Over time it also increases the quality of a wand, though never more than a degree or so in the flexibility classification scale. A strengthening oil should generally be applied every few years and left to soak into the wood overnight.

Wand Waterproofing Rub - 2 Galleons, 20 Knuts
particularly good for those who spend a lot of time underwater, it primarily is a way of ensuring the wand core does not sustain water damage. Using wand waterproofing rub on the length of the wand helps to ensure that any miniscule channels to the core are sealed up. It lasts 6-8 days per application. Wand conditioning oil should always be applied beneath the waterproofing rub to be sure that the wood itself does not dry out.

Wand fireproofing rub - 4 Galleons, 12 Sickles, 1 Knut
While a wand has a certain amount of protection from fire on its own, for anyone who works with magical fire creatures, this rub is a must. It protects against charring and ensures the wand will not catch on fire. Each application lasts up to six weeks.

Magical Resonance Protection Salve - 4 Galleons, 15 Sickles, 2 Knuts
The salve will help protect a wand from absorbing and discharging potentially damaging negative and emotionally-charged energy. For overly emotional individuals or those with particularly sensitive wands, this salve is a must have. It should be massaged into the wood daily, and buffed out with a soft cloth. When applying, it is important that you are calm and quiet, and not in a hurry. After the initial treatment process, it can be reapplied once every 3-4 months to maintain a healthy wand.

Wand Barrier Oil - 2 Galleons, 1 Knut
This is an all-purpose oil to protect sensitive skin against wood allergies or against specialty woods such as poisonwood. It also is an excellent product to apply to your wand if you work with potions regularly and wish to ensure your wand is not compromised during the brewing process.

Wand boxes and cases
A wand box is important for storing or carrying a wand that is not in use. All Ollivanders wands are stored in boxes in order to prevent wands from cross-contaminating one another magically or from warping with time and age. When applying any treatments, it is often a good idea to apply it and then store your wand in its wand box over night to allow the product to settle and take effect. Unlined cases feature a wooden mount which will hold your wand safely. Engravings are extra.

Cardboard boxes - free with wand or 10 Sickles
wooden boxes - 2 Galleons for the basic box, to match your wand wood ask for a Quote.
Leather Cases (choose your colour) - 6 Galleons

felt lining - 1 Galleon, 10 Sickles
satin lining - 2 Galleons, 8 Sickles, 14 Knuts
fur lining - 3 Galleons, 10 Sickles
silk lining - 4 Galleons, 12 Sickles

Novelty Products & Miscellany:
House Wands
Each House wand shoots sparks in the house colours.
Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin - 1 Galleon, 2 Sickles each or 4 Galleons for the set.
Quidditch Supporter Wands (SPONSORED BY QUALITY QUIDDITCH SUPPLIES) 2 Galleons
Available for each British and Irish League team, each wand shoots sparks in team colours and conjures a miniature mascot to cheer your favourite team on. For an extra Galleon the supporter wand can be customized so that your favourite Quidditch Players' names will be spelled out in the air.
Trick Wands 1 Galleon each
- Rubber Wand
- Soap Bubble Wand
- Sticky Wand
- Ghost Wand
- Muggle Wand
- Snake Wand
- Wand Pencils
- Wand Quills

Gandr & Bindrunes
Several Available. Ask for a Quote.

Wand Books
The Will, The Word, and the Wand : A Compendium of British Wandlore by Ira Banner
Priori Incantatem: A Treatise of Great Spells in History and the Wands Which Cast Them by Ira Banner
An Illustrated Guide of Famous Wands in History by Ira Banner
The Potioneer's Guide to Wand Care and Use by Kermit Mercury
The Magician's Helpmate: A Whimsical Look at the Muggle Magic Wand by Calliope Mandible
Core Beliefs: A History of Wand Core Use around the Wizarding World by Herman Stout
A Wood for Every Wizard by Herman Stout
Every Witch Way But Wands: An Exploration of the Relationship Between Gender and Wandlore by Shandra Cuttle
Twentieth Century Trends in Wand Woods by Shandra Cuttle
Hardcore Harvest: How Cores are Collected in the Wild by Elsie Frey-Dippet
A Step-by-Step Guide to Home Wand Repair by Leslie Kiddell
A Look at Quasi-Sentience by Gervaise Ollivander

Wizarding/Muggle Money Conversion
1 Sickle = 29 Knuts
1 Galleon = 17 Sickles
$10 = 1 galleon
5 = 1 galleon
Check out HPL Currency Converter for more conversions.

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