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Hey Guys, thanks for coming back for the next chapter. It's different this time so try to keep in mind Harry's condition he's been battling. It was sad writing this chapter, but I had fun in a weird sort of way. Please let me know if you don't understand something or just want to comment. All comments are welcome.

Chapter 6

When Life Isn’t What We Know It to Be

“Hey little brother, want me to break the ice for you?”

Harry opened his eyes enough to see John and his heart was glad. He tried to answer him yes but he didn’t have the energy. He felt his heart stop and John faded away.

He thought he had died, because he could see a glimmer of light above him. Everything else was black and there wasn’t any sound. Shouldn’t he be hearing choirs singing and someone to welcome him to Heaven? He became very confused because he could feel physical pain and he felt the sorrow of all the lives lost when their galaxy imploded. Then things started making sense when he felt the need to breathe air and he was getting cold. He was in the water, how, he didn’t know. He felt around him and found out he was on the bottom of the stream. He had never been clear to the bottom and found it to be a bit daunting. He swam upward as quickly as he could and hit his head on a layer of ice. When he stopped to gather his thoughts he felt the current puling him downstream. He swam upstream close to the surface and finally came to the spot where the ice had been broken. He was able to break the thin layer of ice that had reformed and climbed out of the water and gasped at the frigid wind that grabbed his breath from him.
His hands were shaking but he finally pulled up his shirt and looked at the deep cut into his side. It was still plenty deep, but it wasn’t exposing his ribs and innards’ like before. He wondered if he had his magic back and wasn’t able to do any yet. He was confident it would return though. He had lost his magic before and it came back. Oddly he tripped over some wood covered in snow. When he brushed off the area he found a small fire had been burning there sometime recently. He was so cold by now he decided not to think about anything but getting home.

He walked into the basement and showered long enough for the cold water to not feel like it was scalding him and then gradually was able to have a hot shower. While he was showering he looked over all his injuries. Most of the outward injuries were healing nicely and he thought his organs were healing as well. He was far from being fully recovered but he knew he was going to live now. He couldn’t stop his teeth from chattering and he couldn’t stop shivering. He was cold to the center of his bones. After his shower he put on sweat pants and shirt and stiffly climbed the stairs to the kitchen. It was just before dawn and the house was still and dimly lit with the light of the moon. He wanted to eat because he was powerful hungry, but he was more tired than anything. Harry climbed the stairs and looked in on the kids; a smile came to him seeing Banner snuggled up against Albus. He went in his own bedroom and looked at Ginny sleeping propped up on a pile of pillows and a book she had been reading lying precariously close to falling off of the bed, one hand still holding the corner of it.

He smiled and gently took the book from her and put it on her nightstand. He turned off her lamp and went to his side of the bed and climbed under the covers. He was so cold though that his shivering woke up Ginny.

But the word that came out of her mouth nearly caused his heart to stop. “John?”

“The name is Harry.”

“John! You found him! Where was he? Is he going to live? He’s so cold!”

“Ginny, why are you talking to John and why are you talking as if I can’t hear you?”

Ginny rubbed her eyes and pushed the hair from her face and looked at him. She put her hand over her mouth trying to stifle a scream of joy. She looked around and said, “I don’t understand; where is John?” She scooted up next to Harry and put her arm under his head and shoulders. She pulled him on his side until she felt him whence badly. “Oh, I’m sorry, Love. I guess that explains why you are so cold. The water didn’t completely heal you, but you are going to be okay aren’t you?”

Ginny giggled at the perplexed look on her husband’s face. She stroked his face and twirled his long hair around her slender finger. “I wouldn’t go to bed until you came back. You didn’t come back after the forty five minutes and we were all worried. John hadn’t come back at all. He followed you out when you left. I told him you’d be back in forty five minutes but you never showed up.”

Harry sighed and shook his head slowly. “That was the plan. If I couldn’t make it to the stream then I would use my rook to come back and say good bye. But, I left my pouch with John before I left for Charlie’s planet. I didn’t get it back when I got back so I couldn’t summon the rook. If the stream hadn’t been frozen over I would have made it in time. I was there but couldn’t break the ice. I tried to cause fire to melt it, but my magic was gone. Did I tell you I don’t have any magic in me? Hang on, when I came around; I was at the bottom of the stream. How… It was John! John broke the ice, but I had just died; at least my heart stopped beating and everything went black. When I came back from deaths door there was a thin layer of ice over the place I went in and I was able to break it okay to come out. When I came out of the stream I tripped over a small campfire that had burned out and it was covered with snow.”

Ginny listened intently and said, “Yeah, John kept that fire going for hours into the night watching for you. Carson and Jack had to pull him back up here by force so he could warm up and get some sleep. Then today, yesterday actually, he spent the whole day searching for you. He wondered if maybe the current carried you down stream and so he took the Puddle Jumper down the path of the stream until he found you. He said your locator chip was barely a bleep on the sonar thingy he used to find you since your heat signature didn’t show up. He said that was to be expected since your body temperature would be the same as the water by then so he came back here and moped about. I told him to go play with the kids and so they spent the rest of the day sledding and skiing. Every now and then he’d take them in the Puddle jumper to where he found you to see if you were still there. At dinner last night he said if you weren’t done recovering in the morning he was going to go down there and bring you back anyway.” She had laughed at the celebrating the kids did when he said that. “We stayed up late hoping you would come back but you never did. John told me to go on to bed and he would bring you to me if you came out of the water. I was drifting off to sleep when I heard John fussing with Carson and Jack again. He wanted to wait for you but they wouldn’t let him. But when I woke up with you beside me I thought he had gone down after all.”

Harry was totally flabbergasted at her story. “I’ve been underwater since the night before last?! No wonder I was in such an urgent need to breathe air. I can’t believe I was down there that long and I’m still not healed completely. I’m thankful for as much as I am though. So… that means tomorrow is Christmas Eve!” He yawned and tried to keep his eyes open. “I’m so cold, Honey, I don’t think I’ll ever be warm again. Do you mind terribly if-”

Ginny smiled and pulled her husband against her to get him warm. She gasped at how cold he was and pulled the blanket and comforter around his head and shoulders. She wondered if he was trembling from the cold or from nightmares.

It was mid morning when Harry woke up so hungry and thirsty he couldn’t control his shaking and cramping. Ginny wasn’t in bed and he didn’t hear any sounds in the house. He made the bed as quickly as he could, and put on a pair of heavy jeans a tee shirt and a green plaid flannel shirt, heavy socks and his boots. He went straight to the kitchen when he got downstairs and started fixing him some grits, oatmeal, eggs and bacon. While he was fixing the food he drank a couple glasses of water and then when his food was ready he made some coffee and toast to have with his food. He wanted to make biscuits but forgot. Toast was better now that he thought of it. He wouldn’t have to make them and wait for them to bake. He tried to eat slowly but he was so hungry he ate faster than he meant to.

When he was done eating he cleaned the kitchen and went into the living room to look around. He didn’t see any evidence anyone had been there all day. He put his hand on his pocket to call Ginny but his pouch hadn’t returned to him yet. He felt naked without it and for the first time wondered if he would be a Muggle the rest of his life. Would it be so bad he wondered. He wouldn’t be able to be an Auror, but he might be safer without people trying to off him all the time, once they heard he wasn’t an Auror anymore due to the lack of having any magic. He could just be a detective, which would be great!

Harry went into his study and picked up the stack of cards and letters he found the morning he took Ginny, John and Teyla to France. He was terribly upset that he never got to answer them. He sat down and prepared return cards and letters explaining very briefly that he had been working out of the country and just returned and spent a day getting ready for Christmas. After wishing them each a belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year he put the cards into the mailbox on the porch so it would be ready to go out in the mail if he hadn’t gone yet. Looking at the driveway to see if Ginny had taken the van wherever she went he noticed it was still snowing hard and it looked to be about a foot of new snow on top of the snow already there. He shivered and went in and went straight to the fire and poked at it; sending sparks up the chimney and put more logs on it and stood in front of it trying to warm up some. It sounded toasty; the crackling and popping of the new logs and the smell of the wood burning set his mind at ease from worrying about if he would ever be warm again. At least he was home with his family. Err, well, he was home; where was his family and friends?

He busied himself with a few odds and ends and finished up with wrapping gifts for his friends on Atlantis that John would take back for him and his friends at the base under Cheyenne Mountain that Jack would take back with him. It was late afternoon and still nobody came home. The phone rang and Harry practically ran to it to answer it only to find it to be a wrong number. He went to the big window he often looked out when things were weighing heavy on his mind. He was startled at how much snow was on the ground; about three feet by the looks of it.

Harry tried to watch some TV but couldn’t get interested in anything, and then the cable went out. The winter storm disrupted the service and as soon as the storm was over they could get crews out to find out what was wrong. He turned off the set and looked around quickly. At first he thought someone turned off the power to trap him or something but realized the electric was off due to the winter storm. How was he getting these news alerts if the power was off and he didn’t have his cell phone? He stumbled into the kitchen where he knew there was a flashlight. He searched the living room and found a transistor radio halfway stuffed behind a cushion on the couch. He shut it off to conserve the battery and looked over at the wood bin to see how much wood was in it. A very sparse amount for sure he decided. He figured the power could be off for days so he started out the door to bring in more firewood. He chuckled at the boys neglect in their chores, but he wasn’t going to be upset with them; life is too short to be upset at trivial things.

Putting on a coat to bring in more wood he nearly fell over with the sight before him when he opened the door. Snow was over the doors and windows, and he couldn’t see anything outside but the snow packed against the windows and door. He hurried upstairs to look out the bedroom windows and couldn’t believe his eyes. Snow was over the windows too. The atmosphere couldn’t possibly be so densely saturated with moisture to fall and accumulate enough to cover a two story mansion in the time frame of one afternoon. He wondered if this had ever happened in the history of, well, ever. He was thankful he had the foresight to have the house well insulated when he had Bill build it. With the house covered in snow and the insulation doing its job the house shouldn’t get too cold. But then a fact you don’t normally worry about struck him. “If I run out of firewood there won’t be any hot air going up the chimney and it will get covered with snow. I’ll suffocate since all the vents build into the structure for the house to breath properly is covered in snow.”

Harry hurried downstairs holding his side. Before he looked at the fireplace he knew the fire was out because the room was too dark without the flames making the orange, yellowish glow. The logs he put on the fire were already burned to ash and snow was covering the ashes. Snowflakes dropped steadily as he stared in disbelief. He put his hands on the stone on the chimney and it felt cold. He put his hand inside the fireplace and the bricks lining the chimney felt cold. Harry stuck his head in the fireplace and turned the flashlight upward and found the flue handle. He reached clear in and up grabbing it and closed it to keep snow from coming in and any heat from going up the chimney. He went into the bathroom to wash the soot off his hand and nothing came out of the faucet, the pipes were frozen. “That is not possible!” he shouted at the sink. He made himself calm down so he could think clearly. He shown the light on his hand and thought how he could get the soot off. If he were a wizard it would be as simple as breathing, but he hadn’t gotten his powers back yet. If he wasn’t so cold and hungry he would be more able minded to think this through. He sighed and was thankful he was the only one home after all.

As there was no light in the house at all now, it was quite difficult getting around. Where had he put the flashlight? He had just looked at his sooty black hand a second ago and he had not put it down. He decided he would open the door in the living room and use the snow to wash his hands. He hated exposing his hand to the freezing snow because he was already so cold. He opened the bathroom door and began choking on thick smoke. The room had a dirty brownish glow coming from the fireplace. He ran over to it and grabbed the poker. How had the fire started up again, and it was burning more logs than what had been in the wood bin. He jammed the poker up the chimney to open the flue to let the smoke out, but snow fell into the flames. The flames rose higher as if the snow was fueling them. He dropped the poker and fought to get to the door. The smoke was suffocating him. He tried to hold his breath but the air he was holding was burning his lungs. He pushed his way into the snow and tried to pull himself upward with swinging strokes like swimming only instead of pulling water with his cupped hands he was cupping snow. He was gasping now and choking on the snow filling his lungs. Then he was burning all over. The flames had followed him out of the fireplace; they were alive… “Fiendfyre!” he thought. “There is a witch or wizard here to cast that curse. He tried in desperation to cast the counter curse, but the magic still wasn’t in him. He desperately clawed for the surface that he wasn’t even halfway close to and the fire burning him was now consuming him. He was gasping for breath and then two monsters grabbed his arms, the flames fighting each other for the entire victim not just half. Harry cried out, “Let me go!” He suddenly was able somehow to throw off the flaming monsters. Now at last he was free of the snow covering him keeping him from breathing. He couldn’t stand; the snow was moving in waves. With every move forward he made he rolled back into the flames. Then he had a brilliant idea. He saw the flames were fighting the waves too so he waited until the wave rolled down in front of him and as it swelled upward to knock him over he fell into it causing the wave to throw off the fire monsters. They disappeared over the top and just as Harry was going to roll over before the wave came back at him the waves stopped. His momentum also stopped. He groaned as he fell; his side hitting something solid. The air was knocked out of him and he heard his rib snap. That was bound to happen what with his bones being frozen. That’s what he figured anyway.

The flaming monsters grabbed him again only this time they spoke, “Hold still Harry, we’re trying to help you!”

Everything became clear as if he saw them for the first time; John and Jack each had him pinned to the floor as Carson injected him with a shot.

“Ouch! What is that? What’s going on here?” He was breathing so hard his lungs hurt. At the same time Carson gave him a shot Ginny, not seeing what Carson did, forced him to swallow something she poured in his mouth. Carson tried to stop her but it was too late. They both began talking hurriedly to each other which Harry couldn’t understand because something horrifying happened. He couldn’t believe his eyes but right before his eyes John and Jack were gone and the monsters in the Fiendfyre were back. He yanked himself free and began rolling away from them and when more monster Fiendfyre flames grabbed onto him he jumped to his feet and they clawed at him and he began doing the only thing he could do, ducking and hitting. He was surprised they were solid and didn’t burn him although he was tingling all over and burning inside. He couldn’t move his legs anymore and the feeling of paralysis was spreading now; his hips and waist was unmovable. Then he looked up when he heard Ginny and he said, “Ginny, run! Find John and Jack and anyone else who came back and run!” He hit one of the flames so hard it hurt his hand, but he didn’t stop. Another one advanced and he hit it just as hard. Three more were coming at him but he couldn’t move anymore.

“What’s happening to me?” he asked himself out loud. Ginny ran at him and he raised his hands for her to stop and told her again to run but she didn’t run she drew her wand. He couldn’t believe what was happening; it surely was a dream. It was so real though. He thought for a minute he had wakened but why would Ginny curse him. “Ginny?” he said with his hands still up for her to stop. But she didn’t stop she cursed him with something that hurt terribly bad when it hit him in the chest and even worse when he flew backward and slammed into the bedroom wall.

It was as if the world slowed down and was moving in and out of focus as he watched his wife run to him screaming his name. She still had her wand and he closed his eyes to let her finish him off. He wouldn’t fight her. The next thing he felt were hot tears splashing on his face and Ginny gently picking up his shoulders and pulling him into her arms. She was begging him to forgive her.

Harry tried to talk to her but could hardly stay conscious. “Fiendfyre… run.”

John pulled Ginny away from Harry and unexpectedly pulled him to a sitting position rather roughly. He pinned Harry to the wall and yelled at him; ignoring the pain he was causing his friend. “There is not Fiendfyre, monster or otherwise. It’s us Harry, your friends who have been trying to help you, not hurt you. Look what you’ve done to the place!” John let go of him and moved aside and Harry saw Sam, Teyla, Carson, and Jack were all picking themselves up off the floor and the room was destroyed, the bedding completely ripped and shredded and pillow stuffing was all around the room.

Jack knelt down beside Harry totally understanding his young friend’s confusion. Harry’s eyes rolled up to him and he tried to speak but his tongue and eyes were so heavy he only whispered, “Dream?” He couldn’t stay awake any longer and simply closed his eyes. Jack looked at Sam and she nodded her head thinking the same thing Jack was thinking of. It was like the time they had visited a planet that they became infected by alien spores and caused them to revert to a primitive Neanderthal. Jack was very aggressive but under heavy medication was able to somewhat control the primitive urges and asked the doctor at that time if it was all a dream.

John looked at Harry as if seeing him for the first time. “What’s wrong with him? I mean I get it, I’m sure that spell wasn’t comfortable, but he just stopped moving.”

Ginny began waving her wand around and chanting spells and they all watched in amazement as broken and torn items were repaired before their eyes. She had everything back to the way they were before Harry destroyed it all. Even the bedding and pillows were good as new. She said something else and all their torn clothes were also good as new. Ginny conjured a tray full of potions and bandages.

“Carson, I’m sorry. This is all my fault. Please patch everyone up good including yourself. I’ll start on Harry. They all looked at Harry scrunched over in a most uncomfortable looking position and his clothes ripped and hanging together here and there by threads. Blood was pooling on the floor under his waist and he had blood dripping from the corner of his mouth.

“On second thought let me tend everyone else and you take care of Harry.” She called Winky and asked her to help Carson with Harry. They got him onto the bed and cleaned him up again and looked him over good.

“Well, initially it isn’t as bad as it looks thankfully. The worst thing about this is his rib is broken on the same side as this injury where that skyscraper nearly cut him in half. But on the other hand, combining the injuries with his bruised sternum from that spell he was shot with, will not allow him to breathe deep enough to keep his lungs clear. He’ll catch pneumonia and that could very well kill him. We’ll just have to watch him carefully to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

John stood looking between Carson and Ginny and finally said, “What happened to bring all this on? Wasn’t he at the bottom of the stream?”

Ginny said, “He woke up and swam up to the surface and had to break the ice to get out. He said he was freezing even after he thawed out in the shower. He said his bones were frozen and he fell asleep. He was shaking and I didn’t know if it was from being cold or a nightmare. He started moaning in his sleep and saying strange things that I couldn’t make sense of and he kept saying he was so cold so I tried to get him to swallow some Pepper up potion but he started choking. He said he couldn’t breathe and he was thrashing about as if his life depended on it. He said his magic hadn’t come back yet. He got all tangled up in the bedding. Then he was still for a second and his eyes were open. I started to pour more pepper up potion in his mouth and he started saying how there was Fiendfyre and was thrashing about again.

Carson offered his explanation. “I was reading and heard the ruckus and came in and tried to wake him. He was tangled in the bedding and I’m sure he thought he was being captured.”

Jack started talking saying, “We all heard by then and came in to help. Ginny cast that spell to keep any noise from escaping the area to keep you and the kids asleep, John. Carson didn’t want you getting involved because he had given you a mild sedative and he was afraid if you came in feeling sluggish you wouldn’t be able to react quick enough to keep from getting hurt.”

John glared at Carson and said, “Well, the spell didn’t work on Lily because she had gone into your room just as you cast the spell. She woke up and ran in to see what was happening right after Carson ran in. She came and got me saying something was wrong with her dad and he was hurting everyone.”

I made her stay in my room and promise not to come back out until someone said she could. So what happened that ended up with him getting cursed?”

Ginny looked at Carson and said, “We both unknowingly gave him something pretty close to the same time. I thought since he was awake and stopped thrashing about and asking why he was so cold that I could give him some more pepper up potion. With that dose and the previous ones I had tried giving him it was a full dose.”

Carson said, “I just got up from being thrown on the floor by him and saw he had broken his rib and I was bent over to look at it, but he started thrashing about again. I gave him a shot that caused temporary paralysis to keep him from puncturing his lung with the broken rib. The potion Ginny gave him combined with the shot I gave him caused him to sink into a brain funk half lucid and half paranoid. When he faced us after the shot I gave him started working he was lucid and totally confused as to why we were all ganging up on him. But unfortunately that happened just after he defeated all of you again. Ginny didn’t know I gave him a shot and cast that spell to stop him from hurting anyone else. She knew Harry would expect her to do that. I just don’t know what it will do to him emotionally having become lucid just in time to see his wife shoot him and John who he loves as a brother was being so rough with him and accusing him of tearing up the place and hurting us. He thought he was dreaming.”

Jack said, “And what was that all about, John? Being so rough with him when he was completely vulnerable?”

John answered angrily, “I was trying to make him want to be a wizard again so his magic would return! I thought maybe that was what was keeping his magic from coming back and him from being healed with his magic; him saying he didn’t want to be a wizard anymore.”

Ginny said, “He would never want his magic to not return; it's part of who he is.”

Carson said, “John might be onto something though. Ginny is also correct, he wouldn’t want to be without his magic, but because he is a wizard he has seen so much inhumane atrocities. Did you hear him talking about the family he tried to save? I felt his pain and I wasn’t even there. He is overwhelmed with the evil the gods brought on him. Giving him up to the Ori, and bringing one of Charlie’s people here caused him to not want to be a wizard because if he hadn’t been then neither one of them would have known about him and wanted to destroy him and everything in their path to get to him even at the cost of the destruction of galaxies. Two galaxies would still be thriving instead of being destroyed. He thinks it’s his fault.”

Ginny said, “Are you saying it’s his fault?!”

“No, love; I’m saying he thinks it’s his fault.” Ginny looked at him and said she was sorry for jumping down his throat. “Everyone, go on back to bed, I’m sure he will sleep now. Winky, thanks for your help. I know you don’t understand what happened. I’m just so tired, is it okay with you if I tell you all about it in the morning?”

Winky had been holding Harry’s hand and stroking it while she listened to what was being said. She stroked his hand once more and put it under the covers and went out the door saying it would be fine for Ginny to talk to her then.
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