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Hey Guys, thanks for your loyalty to our story. This is a pretty long chapter with a few long paragraphs. It can be a little tricky to follow it too as poor Harry is working so hard to tell his story while he is under the influence of pain and the knowledge that he is going to die. You might want to read this with a box of tissues. I do hope you enjoy the chapter though. Thanks again for reading.

Chapter 5

The Story Of Unfortunate Events

“All day yesterday I had a headache. I thought it was because I hadn’t slept and I was still tired from being gone for one hundred and twenty years. That is when I blew up the Galaxy the Ori took over. They were coming here to take over this galaxy. That report is what just appeared on your laps just now. I only mentioned it to explain why I didn’t know why my head was hurting so badly. Zeus sent me to that planet thinking I would die but I didn’t. When they, the god’s, come for me to help them I get a headache and I thought that with it getting worse that they were just being persistent. Only it wasn’t them, it was Charlie using their mind frequency to try to trick me. Since I wasn’t responding to him he got angry that he wasn’t fooling me. He told me he and his people were loading up their ships and coming to earth to destroy it. They knew their way here because Zeus brought one of them here and let him go with the knowledge of where we were in the galaxy. I told Charlie that if he ever went to the Pegasus galaxy that his arm that I made him would become unbearably painful and he would die if he ignored the pain. Also I said his people would die if they tried to go to the Pegasus galaxy or come here. Charlie’s people cut off his arm and demanded he bring them here. They knew he would die and told him he was dying with honor because he was leading his people to new worlds to conquer.

I got to their world as they were lifting off and disable their ships. I captured Charlie’s father and looked into his mind. They were going to go to different planets in their galaxy because they could do this without ships. The ships were to pick up people who went on to start exploding the galaxy and then they were on their way here. They were going to dislodge the planets natural orbits; sling shooting whole planets like a pinball machine with giant fireballs causing catastrophic chaos to surrounding galaxies which included the Pegasus galaxy. Atlantis would be among the planets that would be destroyed by giant asteroids that would eventually break up the planet killing everyone within three weeks. But the suffering and death would continue until entire galaxies were wiped out. And there wouldn’t be any way for you to help them because the Stargate would be out of alignment or even destroyed by meteorites. You wouldn’t be able to send any ships because they would be destroyed by speeding meteoroids and meteors. Space would be cluttered with chaotic magnetic fields and Black holes would open up anywhere the instant the condition occurred. I was traveling faster than the speed of light and I still got hit by meteoroids and barely escaped more than a few Black holes. I made a decision to destroy the entire galaxy before any of the planets escaped their own galaxy and began destroying neighboring galaxies; the Milky Way being one of the galaxies that would be destroyed right after the Pegasus galaxy. This wouldn’t be a process that would take several hundred years, but a few weeks because the planets were being moved at the speed of light by magic. Many of Charlie’s people had already begun dislodging the planets they were on and were waiting for the ships to pick them up to take them on to Earth. They didn’t know that I had already destroyed the ships they were counting on getting them; an armada of warring people coming to take over every planet. But by doing that I killed hundreds of thousands of their people. A whole race of people and their cultures, destroyed. But I did try… I tried with all my heart to tell them not to do what they planned. I told them what would happen and they didn’t care. He said they would do it to kill me and then take over my world. I had him captured and he was telling me these things. So because nothing else was working I surrendered myself to them and begged them to go ahead and kill me but leave the planets alone and not attack Earth. He made me get on my knees and beg and I did. He had his Lieutenant beat on me to see if I’d use magic to save myself. I didn’t but he said it was just a trick I was using because I had outsmarted them three times before. Charlie lost his honor for letting me heal his arm and he was demoted. He was a Captain of one of the ships heading for Earth instead of the Commander in Chief of the planet. I didn’t know his ship wasn’t destroyed because he had it under a special cloak I couldn’t detect. When his father gave the order to dislodge the planets in their orbits I escaped and created the energy needed to implode the galaxy and everything in it. I was leaving when Charlie detected my energy signature and followed me. He put a tractor beam on me and it nearly pulled me apart. So I blacked out and when I came to; Charlie was standing over me apologizing that he had to kill me. He said he was going to steal my body and destroy my mind and take my place on Earth. I was too weak to stop him. I escaped to a place I keep safely secured from everything and everyone; the center of my mind. I stayed there until he arrived here. Then I used my body he was occupying to keep him from hurting anyone when he got here but I couldn’t let him know I was there. He just thought he was having a hard time adjusting. When Ginny was taking me upstairs I reached out to Albus and asked him if I could use him to fix my hand. Thankfully he did and it was through him that I was able to do what I did. I am very proud of him because almost all of what he did was on his own. After he went back to bed I slipped back into my mind. I stayed in the there as long as I could to try to keep enough energy to keep Charlie from doing anything or touching Ginny. This morning; I tricked Charlie into confiding in John that he liked how Ginny smells. It was from a conversation we had yesterday while shopping. Anyway between Albus confiding in John that he didn’t think I was me, my body occupied Charlie that is; and this statement that he doesn’t know what Ginny smells like but he likes it, I took one more chance to leave a clue for John. I told him to be strong and do what had to be done. I caused my pouch to be in John’s pocket before I left for Charlie’s planet to keep Charlie from having my sword and wand which he desperately wanted. John pulled it out of his pocket and said he wanted to get the bags of gifts out so they could be wrapped and Charlie took the pouch; not recognizing it was mine and opened it and after the gifts came out he gave it back to John. I had my invisibility cloak wrapped around my sword and wand so he couldn’t detect them. John knew that if it was really me I would have kept the pouch. So anyway John knew I meant for him to kill me. I saw in his eyes the tremendous pain it caused him but he was going to do it knowing it was part of a plan of mine. Or else that I couldn’t kill Charlie and this was the only thing left that would kill him. The only thing is I saw John reach for his pen and knew he was going to use his lightning rod and I needed him to use my sword. So I caused my sword to appear in his hand and to keep him from having to kill me, I grabbed it by the blade and pulled it into me. But this reunited me to my body and killed Charlie at the same time. The only way I knew of to get rid of him was to turn completely to dust and go through the Stargate so the buffer could sort him out and set me straight again. Although nobody saw me, the Stargate at Cheyenne Mountain activated and my molecules were reassembled in the DHD buffer and I came back here. That’s how Jack knew to come here to say good bye. So there you all have the story. I killed an entire race of people and destroyed their galaxy two actually if you want to count the Ori. The IOA wants to have my head served on a platter for this. There’s too much wrong with me to live; I am dying as I speak. I hope they wait until after the holidays are over. But whether they wait or not, I hope they clear my name of any wrong doing for the sake of my wife and children.”

Ginny knelt on the floor in front of her husband and soothingly caressed his face and hair. “Love, don’t worry about any of that. Come on let me help you up to bed. You’ll feel better about everything when you wake up.”

Harry raised his head and saw Sam and Jack and looked surprised, “Oh hello, when did you get here? I hope you’ll be here for a while; I need to take a nap. I’ve been busy shopping and destroying galaxies.” He walked over to the stairs and stopped so abruptly Ginny ran into him. “Hang on; I did know you came here… Jack wants a piece of your chocolate cake! Actually, that sounds really good. I think I’ll join you if you don’t mind. Jack, do you know what the voices of hundreds of thousands of people dying sounds like? I was traveling to one of the planets I knew was heavily populated to try to pull it back in its orbit, but as I said, it was further along than I thought and I hit the atmosphere at the precise angle needed to enter the atmosphere. I wasn’t counting on that happening but it did and I was like a meteorite instead of a force to push it. As I was free falling trying to turn around or disappear from the planet, a skyscraper hit me head on and there was screaming everywhere. Two children were crying for their parent’s who was falling into a crack as the road opened up in a large tear as if it was paper. Somehow I got all four of them and put them on the ground in a park. The little girl had been hanging on around my neck and then clung to her mum and the little boy had grabbed for my hand. I still feel the fingers trying to grab me again…” Harry looked at his hands shaking his head not understanding how they could have failed him. “But the city dropped into a fiery abyss; it was gone just... gone. There was so much screaming and then I was hit with a magic curse that knocked me out of the atmosphere where I would have died but I disappeared to a planet that was the first planet next to the Pegasus galaxy. Thankfully this planet was uninhabited and could not sustain life. One of Charlie’s people was there and getting ready to use it as a magical cannonball. It would begin a chain reaction of catastrophic events that would blow up the galaxy. Did I already tell you that? I can’t remember. That’s when I decided to implode the galaxy instead of letting it explode because it would wipe out countless galaxies and maybe the universe. After going around in a circle from one planet to another and turning the chaos into an organized implosion I knew I was successful when I began to get pulled into the implosion. I escaped and was heading to Earth when Charlie caught me in his tractor beam. I don’t want to be a wizard anymore.” He groaned and cried out doubling over and then fell to the floor.

Ginny tried to catch him but she was nearly passing out. John and Sam were close and caught him and Ginny ran into the study and came back out with a potion. Harry was bleeding all over and the place he impelled himself with his sword began bleeding heavily. Ginny begged him to wake up and Teyla suggested that the kindest thing to do was to let him sleep. Ginny shook her head and continued to beg him to wake up. Finally she screamed for him and his eyes flew open. Somehow he stood up and looked around and then asked Ginny what she needed him for. She said, “Love, I don’t need your help with anything right now. But I do need you to take this Drought of Living Death.”

“Death?” he asked and drank the whole bottle straight down and fell back into the arms of John and Sam. “He’ll sleep without dreaming, that is the kindest thing for him right now.”

They got him into the lab and after three hours they finally got him stabilized and bandaged. Carson looked angrily at Jack and said, “This is exactly what I was afraid would happen. This lad needs to rest, no more questions and no more running around taxiing people around. He will sleep and rest! And if the IOA come here to talk to this young man there will be a new brand of magic known as Carson Beckett’s mad magic used and it won’t be pretty!”

Jack grinned and said, “I admire your spunk there Doc, but you’re casting your threat on someone who agrees with you. When I called Harry back it was to tell him the Daedalus wasn’t orbiting Earth and Sam and I would catch a ride on the next flight off base. But he interrupted me to ask if Sam was there and I said yes and started to tell him to just get some sleep but then he was there getting us and I was on the phone with him. He told us he’d rather just get it over with.”

Carson turned a little red and Jack grinned the way he does that makes you melt if you’re an unattached female and laugh at if you’re a guy, “But not to worry, Carson; when the IOA get here I’ll turn you loose on them.”

John said, “Carson and Ginny can team up on them. They’ll have the IOA running for the airport not knowing what happened to them.” Then John got serious and asked Jack if there was a way they could stall the IOA from coming. Jack nodded his head and said, “Yeah, I recorded Harry’s statement. I’ll show it to them. There won’t be any hearing after they watch it; it’s obvious Harry did what needed to be done. It isn’t anything differently than what we did to protect the Earth and Atlantis from our enemies. Plus, the gods are involved and the IOA won’t want anything to do with them. And even if they weren’t it was obvious Harry did try to keep it from happening. After hearing that gut wrenching account I don’t know of anyone who could possibly make a claim that he was reckless and an endangerment to us.”

Carson said, “This weather report says the airports are closed, look at the size of this storm. It looks like it’s shaping up to be another blizzard. I can’t believe the winter we’re having so far. I can’t remember having this much snow so early.” He glanced into the study where Harry was sleeping. “Harry needs to get it in his head that he didn’t do anything wrong. His injuries are not going to heal enough to save him. I’m afraid he has been fatally wounded.”

Ginny nodded her head and said, “I know you are telling the truth, Carson, but I’m not going to give up on him. He’ll make everything okay as soon as he rests.” She went in the study and sat beside Harry and John sat down beside Carson. “What aren’t you saying, Carson?”

Carson looked at each of them and softly said, “Harry needs at least thirty six hours of sleep for his body and brain to begin to function correctly. His mind is already slipping, you saw him talking about cake, not remembering you two were here and then that you were and then in practically the same sentence talking about the wee ones he couldn’t save. He has twelve hours at best to live without having to have a blood transfusion and drain toxins that he isn’t able to flush out of him. He wouldn’t survive that blue thing Winky does to him, and there’s just nothing left for me or any magic to do to save him.”

Ginny came out and said, “I’m going to bring the kids back, the weather is getting worse and they need to be here before-”

John stood up and said he’d get them and bring them home. “Do you know what you’re going to tell them when they see him like that? And we’ll have to make sure Lily doesn’t try to heal him.”

John left and let Ginny think of what she was going to tell the kids. Half an hour later he and the kids were on the porch stomping off the snow from their boots and shaking off the snow that accumulated on them from walking home from Winky’s house. Banner was in high spirits at having a new couple to get acquainted with. Jack made over him and told Albus he was a great puppy.

The day was spent visiting among the adults and the kids quietly playing around the Christmas tree trying to guess what was in each gift. Every now and then they’d go stand beside Harry and touch his hand gently. When the adults were busy talking the kids slipped gifts under the tree they made at Winky’s house. At nine o’clock in the evening the door bell rang and Ginny’s face turned scary fierce. She stopped the kids from answering the door and opened it herself. Without invitation a large group of long nosed, stiff backed, bureaucrats attempted to walk into the house. Ginny would not stand aside until they stopped and looked surprised at her. When Ginny had their attention she politely asked if she could help them.

The woman in front gathered her composure and said, “We’re here to talk to Mr. Harry Potter. Ginny said, “He’s a little busy trying not to die at the moment; you’ll have to deal with me instead. My name is Mrs. Potter. She stepped aside and let them in and the majority of the people was polite and smiled kindly but there were those who were just as snobbish as the woman in charge. The woman started into the living room and said, “We’ll have no magic stuff while we’re here, and the children need to go to bed.”

Ginny turned red in the face and said, “Excuse me rude woman; this is my home, my children and you will not dictate what goes on here. Now, I was polite and told you who I am, you’ll tell me who you are or else you can leave.”

The woman once again had to recover from Ginny being so bold with her. “Very well, perhaps we got off on the wrong foot. My name is Marge from the IOA and these are my associates. Now who are you? And if you would please get Potter here so we can leave to make our decision about his involvement in this terrible disaster he has brought upon us.”

Ginny said, “I already told you who I am, if you missed it then you need to clean your ears: I am Mrs. Potter, wife of Mr. Harry Potter and these are my children and friends.”

Marge looked at Jack and said, “I see you didn’t waste any time getting here to warn Potter we were coming for his statement. What are the rest of you doing here?”

Ginny spoke saying, “Not that it’s any of your business, but these people are dear friends of ours. The only close relatives Harry has are my family. My husband considers these people to be his family. Jack is loved like a father by Harry. John is loved as a brother by Harry. Carson is Harry’s doctor and very dear friend and Sam and Teyla are both very dear friends as well. There are others we’d love to have here to say good bye, but they can’t be spared from their posts. Harry used what may well have been his last bit of strength he had to make an official statement of his account and Jack recorded it. Sit down and watch it.” She twirled her wand elaborately for show and enough uncomfortable straight back chairs for the group to sit down appeared. Jack handed his phone to Ginny turned on the TV with magic, just to irritate the nasty woman, and looked sideways at John not sure of how to transfer the cell phone video to the screen. Lily saw the look and jumped up and went to her mom. “Mum, I can do that if you want to sit down. You look awful pale. I know how to do it; Daddy showed me once when he helped me set up my Linguistics web page.”

Ginny smiled and thanked her. “You kids can watch so you can know the facts despite whatever these people decide about your father. But I must tell you it is very sad. Your dad suffered more than you can ever imagine.”

Ginny sat down and James sat beside her taking her hand and began comforting her. Albus sat between John and Jack and folded his hands over his lap and looked down at his feet. He already saw much of what was in his dad’s head and didn’t know if he wanted to see anymore.

Carson jumped up and went to the study to watch for any signs of Harry waking from the Draught Ginny gave him. “I bloody well can’t see this again. And I can’t in good conscience say it’s a good idea for the kids to see; how about they come with me?”

Ginny noticed Carson beckoning the kids to him while looking straight into her eyes; needing her to trust him. She nodded for the kids to go with Carson and so they did.
The IOA watched in horror as Harry gave his statement. Jack hadn’t stopped recording until Ginny had given him the Draught of Living Death.” Marge cleared her throat and said, “How do we know this isn’t some kind of trick to get him off the hook? I demand to see him right this minute.”

She and the others stood up and followed Marge into the study where Harry was sleeping. Carson had him on a ventilator because he had stopped breathing on his own while they watched the video. They asked what he was doing and Carson said, “I have to give him a blood transfusion, get out of my way.” He set up the needles and the machine to do what it is supposed to do and then he said, “If a suture doesn’t rupture than we have a good chance he’ll wake up and you can tell him his name is cleared. If they don’t hold then we need to wake him so he can say his goodbyes.” Carson barely got the last sentence out when what he feared would happen did happen. “And there you see, they’ve ruptured, get out so the family can be in here by themselves.”

Carson actually began shoving them out of the room and left Ginny and the kids beside the bed. He shut the door behind him and the members heard them crying inside the study. John started for the door but Carson grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him back. John looked startled and said, “I want to say good bye, let me in.”

Carson shook his head no and said, “You need to let them do what they need to do.”

Lily and Ginny could be heard crying and lamenting for Harry. And another minute later the door opened and Harry stepped through followed by Ginny and the kids. He was white as snow and very feeble looking but he was alive. They took him over to the fireplace and Harry sat in the same place he gave his statement earlier that day. His teeth were chattering and his lips were blue. When he spoke his voice was weak and gravely sounding. The good news was that he wasn’t bleeding anywhere although he was favoring his side.

Harry finally spoke and said, “Forgive me for not standing, but you have my undivided attention. What is it that made you come all the way here in this hostile weather?” He rubbed his face hard and blinked his eyes wide several times to stay awake.

Marge said, “We need to know why you didn’t report your theories and why you didn’t wait for instructions before you acted in such a destructive way that caused the destruction of two galaxies.”

Harry acted as if he was waiting for more than just that order. Since none came he calmly said, “Who was I supposed to make a report to?”

Marge sneered, “The IOA of course.”

Harry said, “Oh and why would that be?”

“As if you didn’t know; the IOA sits at the head of authority of all interplanetary decision making between the Pegasus and Milky Way galaxies.”

“Ah, so now we have finally come to the rub that has your backside chapped. Contrary to what you think, the inhabitants of Earth aren’t the supreme rulers of the universe; and how arrogant of you to think so. In your hunger for power you forget to let those who know what they are doing make the necessary decisions that will keep first and foremost Earth and Atlantis safe. The two galaxies that have been destroyed aren’t even known to Earth or Atlantis. You don’t have the right or authority to tell me I have to make a report and then wait for a decision as to what should be done. Your president made me a Statesman and I take my duties very serious. It is up to me and my moral compass to make decisions on the spot that will guarantee the safety and freedom of the people I serve when a deadly event occurs. In the matter of the Ori, I made a decision to destroy a galaxy they had already destroyed but for one planet. These Ori would have come to Earth and done all over again what the Ori that SG1 took out attempted to do. I destroyed the planet with the only remaining Ori on it. It was in a different time zone so to speak and I’m sure in the next hundred years or so you will think you’ve discovered another galaxy only to watch it blow up. On the other hand, if I hadn’t blown it up then right this minute you’d be dealing with the Ori pestering you to convert or be destroyed, because they would have simply moved to our time zone with the help of the gods. I know this to be a fact and I hope given the chance to understand what I know; your principles and moral compass would not let your lust for power keep you from doing the right thing. We have a duty to keep our people safe and free.”

Harry gingerly stood up and leaned on the mantel. He needed to stir up the fire and put another log on it, but couldn’t manage it. John got up and did it for him and Harry thanked him. He lifted his hand from his side and looked at it and put it back over his side. He shook his head at Carson when he jumped up seeing the fresh blood on Harry’s hand and side. Harry wearily smiled at his friend and explained that this shouldn’t take but a couple minutes longer unless there are more thick heads that need convincing of his innocence.

Carson said, “I just worry that you’re overdoing any healing that has been done and you need to get back to bed so we can try to save your life.”

Harry said, “Sadly, they don’t seem to believe me and I can’t chance them leaving here with them wanting to pin something on me so they can take everything from me when I’m gone leaving Ginny and the kids with nothing but a shameful last name.”

Harry looked away from Carson thankful he had such a good friend on his side. Looking back to the IOA members he went on to explain, “Concerning Charlie’s people, the moment I found out what they were doing I went to try to stop them because they already started destroying the universe beginning with their own galaxy. You would have me go to them and ask them what’s going on and tell them they needed to wait until I made a report and found out what I was supposed to do? This is another example of why your president made me a Statesman. I am capable of seeing and recognizing signs of problematic occurrences and when I became aware of the deadly events already unfolding I made a decision to destroy that galaxy before their plans were too far along to prevent the destruction of Atlantis and Earth. As I have already said, I have the fortitude and moral compass to put the safety and freedom of our people over you at the IOA by doing what I know has to be done. And like I said right off; Earth isn’t the supreme leader of the universe. There is a need for the IOA, but it must not overstep its authority or assume it has more authority than what it does. Do you agree? It would be wise of you to swallow your pride and admit you were wrong.”

Marge looked at Harry determined to stand her ground. “And what if I say I don’t agree with you and think that you made up the whole thing?”

Harry sighed and with sorrow clearly showing he said, “Come now, Marge. Isn’t that a childish game to play? It makes no never mind whether you agree or disagree or if you believe me or not. Let me ask you a question. What if you do believe me; what would you say if I had made a report and waited for instructions?”

Marge said, “Protocol must be followed even if it isn’t what you want. You would have been instructed to stand down until someone could go there and try a negotiation, and if that failed then the nations of Earth would send our ships to make them surrender.”

“Then it is good that I did what I knew was the best thing to do. You would have killed us all. There are times you can’t wait for instructions. When you have a duty to protect your home, family, country, or world you have to react when the need arises.” Harry asked the committee for those who believe Marge to raise their hands. Four people and Marge raised their hands and Harry’s cell phone appeared in his hand and he took a picture of the group. Then Harry asked the others, “And what about the rest of you? What do you believe?” A man with the name tag, Dominic Snyder spoke saying, “I’m sure I speak for the rest of us when I say that we believe you are telling the truth and you did exactly what we should expect you to do in defense of our world. Thank you for your sacrifice and your service.” “Here Here,” said the others Dominic was speaking for.”

Harry’s white face flushed with the unexpected compliment he was given and he humbly said, “It is my pleasure to serve.” He excused himself for a moment while he quickly attended to something he deemed a high priority and then his phone disappeared. “Now, the weather is going to get worse before it gets better. Please go home before you and your drivers and aides become stranded. All those who raised their hands just now are excused from showing up for your job with the IOA; you’ve been terminated. You will be allowed to make an appointment to collect your personal things from your office after the holidays.”

He started to step away from them when Marge and the newly fired members of the IOA jumped up in front of him and began shouting at him. “Now see here! There is no cause for us to be fired. Who do you think you are firing us like this?!”

Harry said, “You think I made up the whole thing, every bit of it. Yet you still wasted taxpayer’s money to come all the way over here because, as Marge put it when she called me earlier, ‘I’m toast and you’re going to enjoy serving my head on a platter.’

“You offered absolutely no proof that what I told you is made up, but because you think it is then you would have me assassinated and my head paraded around as proof that you are a woman who conquers those who fights against your tyrannical views. Also, when I asked what you would do if you did believe I was telling the truth about what happened, you said I would still have to follow protocol and stand down and wait for someone to go there and try to negotiate. This shows very poor judgment because there are times that you have to do what you know doesn’t adhere to protocol. And finally to answer your last question, who do I think I am, firing you… I was your boss before I fired you.”

He asked them to move out of his way and went to the door. Opening it he motioned everyone out of his house. When the taillights disappeared from view Harry turned to his family and friends. “I’ve reached the end of my rope. I’m going to go dunk myself in the deep part of the stream and see if I’m able to set things right again. Ginny and the kids went to him and he hugged them leaning heavily on them. He kissed them and said they were outstanding help. Ginny waited for him to let go of them and then he looked at her with wistful eyes but not pushing himself on her. She smiled sadly and asked if she could have some hugs and kisses too. He smiled tearfully and nodded. They embraced and she said she needs him to come back to her so she can be the wife she should have been every day of their lives together. She asked him to forgive her for not being a good wife. He told her he loved her and his head laid on her shoulders and his breath was soft on her neck. She could tell he was in pain and knew that he wouldn’t leave until she let him go. He wouldn’t want her to think he was only thinking of himself like she always accuses him of doing. She gently pulled away from him and he looked over her shoulder to see his friends waiting quietly. He swallowed and nodded to them and turned to walk out the door.

John stood up and went to the window and watched Harry slowly walking over to the hill that led to the stream where at a bend in now frozen water was a deep entrance to the cavern under the house. He then reached for the doorknob but Ginny put her hand softly on his hand and said, “He doesn’t want anyone to follow him. He’ll be back in forty five minutes at the latest.”

“I should make sure he makes it to the water, he’s not doing so well.” He looked at Ginny; her hand still on his. She sadly shook her head slowly and said, “He wants to go naturally if he doesn’t make it to the water. He doesn’t want us wanting him to make sure he pulls through weighing on his mind. He’s tired of pain and suffering and having to always defend his actions.”

John said, “You heard what he said earlier, you have to do what you know is right. I happen to know he’s tired of being alone and doesn’t want to die alone. I am going to follow him…he expects me to and that’s what I’m going to do.”

Surprisingly Ginny smiled at him and he suddenly realized she wanted John to follow him but she had to do what Harry wished for his sake. She stepped back and thanked him.

She handed him a coat and he stepped out into the night. Harry hadn’t made it to the top of the hill yet and was straining against the harsh wind. He was having serious doubts that he could make it and was sad it would mean his time on Earth was over. A fleeting memory of choosing gifts for the kids put a smile on his face. He would have liked to watch them open their gifts and Ginny open hers that he made for her. He stopped and looked at the distance he had to go yet and took a step that took him to the top of the hill and then he slipped on the next step downward. He slipped and slid and then rolled the rest of the way down the hill. He lay there silently looking up at the snow falling from the black sky. The wind was howling around the hill and then he heard a screeching that sounded eerily like Hedwig. His pain was becoming unbearable and he turned his head toward the stream. He knew he was close but couldn’t see it for the snow and ice covering it. He rolled onto his side to push himself up on his feet but fell face first into the snow. He turned his face toward the stream again and said out loud to convince himself, “Harry, get up and get to the water; you have to live for your family.” He got up on one knee and tried to stand but fell again. He cried out and rolled onto his side. As he was rolling his hand came down on something hard. He opened his hand but produced no magic. He tried again for magic to break the ice but nothing happened. He tried to make his sword come to him but it didn’t, nor would his wand. He thought how ironic things turned out. Of all the times he was dying and had to plead to just let him die, he gets fixed up against his wishes and recovers slowly and painfully. How many times had he wished for death to come because Ginny was angry at him for one reason or another? Now, his children are home, it’s Christmas, John and Jack are here along with his other friends and he wants to live, but it isn’t to be. He tried once more to break the ice with his fist since he couldn’t use magic. He couldn’t lift his hand, his bloody shirt and hand had frozen to the ice. He groaned from his shivering causing more pain. He led a hard life, and he was dying even harder. He looked up; the snow falling on his face and said, “So be it.” He closed his eyes ready to accept death.
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