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Originally Posted by Holmesian Feline View Post

It appeared Cassie had found herself in the more creature related subjects at the moment. Not something she disliked but not her usual stomping ground. Now the metaphysical of magic rather than the physical of nature was more her style. “…potions…pastes…poisons, she mused almost to herself. Nope, still not something on her mental list of interests, the former Ravenclaw continuing her wandering of the bookshop’s assorted shelves.

She had been reaching up to get a book that had caught her attention when something or rather someone bumped into her from behind causing Cassie to freeze in hopes of not falling. And as she finally turned in response, it appeared as if her companion had almost not been as lucky. “No, no, its quite alright,” she assured the woman. “No harm done.” Even If she had fallen, it would have likely been an accident and she wouldn’t have blamed her for an accident.

"What about you? Are you okay?"
'Oh, I'm good..I'm good!,' Laila said, 'Sorry,' she said and smiled apologetically. 'Laila, by the way,' she said and held her hand out to shake hands with this woman.
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