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Originally Posted by Holmesian Feline View Post
Cassie was running out of ways to keep herself busy. She just wasn’t used to having so much of a break over the holidays and must have missed the fact the Ministry closed down right before she had started there just like it had done this year on her. But it had and it did and even with her upcoming class she didn’t have anything to claim her time. So she had been wandering around the winter-touched Diagon Alley before deciding to pop into one of her favorite shops along the familiar way.

The place didn’t look all that different than what it had been when she had been a student of Hogwarts. Well other than the season and the quieter crowds within. The smell of books and comforting presence of a potential good read was still there and Cass supposed the friendly felines were around there somewhere as well. The young woman slowly wandered around the stacks as she let her feet just stroll aimlessly.
It really had been ages. It dawned on Laila how much she had missed London only when she had finally come back! Somehow,the air smelled different, even. Not that she hated India, just that she felt extremely out of place in her muggle family, in a country, despite being her birthplace, she had not set foot in for a very long time. It was weird to go there without Ma and Pa, not that her extremely big extended family didn't love her- just that she had never seen her uncles or aunts before, and being magic in a muggle family that she had not been with before was kind of weird.Added to the fact that one of them had wanted her whole family dead, not that it mattered cos the uncle in question had gotten a taste of his own medicine and died, a few years back.

With all these thoughts in mind, she was walking around the stacks. she was so lost in thought that she bumped into this young woman. 'Oh, I'm so sorry,' she said, catching her before she almost fell down. Damn, clumsy her!
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