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SPOILER!!: Bestie Rose! <3
Originally Posted by WhittyBitty View Post

Rose felt so much happier now that she was with Kaysha. Not that she had been miserable before, but things weren't exactly the best right now, what with her husband and everything... And she had missed her friend so much. "Oh, no. She is spending some time with my mom while I got started on present shopping. Some of the presents are for her." What with her birthday and Christmas being two days apart, that meant there were a lot of gifts for her little girl.

"She's okay on the most part. She's still struggling with everything. You know, with Gaston..." Rose knew that she didn't have to go too far into detail with that; she was well aware that the little girl was scared of her father what with his appearance. It was something that she didn't really like to think about. "I'm okay as well, just happy to see you. What about you?" She SEEMED to be okay and everything. After what had happened at Hogwarts. Well, the Headmaster was an idiot and her bestie deserved a lot better. "Okay, I'll tell you, but only if you tell me your secret." Because Kay was looking amazing herself!

That would explain where the toddler was!

Kay grinned. “Not going to spoil her rotten, are you? That’s one of my jobs.’’ Naturally, as one of Rose’s besties, this was her job. Even if she was yet to get around to getting those presents, she would. You see, she hadn’t made up her mind about going Christmas shopping as yet. Being fired from Hogwarts still ruined her mood though she would continuously try not to let it show. “I’ll drop by a few days before Christmas to bring around the presents. I’ll let you know exactly when soon.’’

Rose had to say no more. Kay reached out to take her best friend’s hand in a comforting gesture. “She’ll eventually learn all of that was a result of Gaston’s bravery, of because of all the students he protected. Don’t worry. I did try to keep an eye on Gaston but since my firing...’’ There wasn’t much she could do afterwards even if she wanted to do something cacoethes like sending Scrimegeour a great pile of dragon dung. “I’m glad to hear. I’m coping and it’s actually great to be back teaching in the Muggle world.’’ The woman still undoubtedly missed Hogwarts with all her heart. She laughed none. “But I have no secret!’’
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