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Default Curse-Breaker Headquarters and Trading Offices

The Curse-Breaker HQ is on an upper level of Gringotts Bank. The Curse-Breakers are always busy whether home or abroad. They each have their own office space, though a few of the apprentice Curse-Breakers share an office. Its a little lighter and brighter here compared to the rest of the building and as such many of the other witches and wizards who work at Gringotts have managed to snag offices up here too rather than in the dark marble corridors where their Goblin colleagues can be found.

Additionally you'll find many of the human traders have offices up here since they tend to prefer to be near the light and not in the dingy depths of the lower levels where their goblin counterparts prefer to be.

This is not a public area. Official business or invitation only.

OOC: While you are allowed to roleplay here, please be sure your character has official business and has entered the bank through the entrance way and main hall. It is best not to post here without your character being invited to do so. You can message one of the Gringotts employees (LilFox06) if you have any questions.

If you have a Curse-Breaker character on the officially approved list you may RP here any time.