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Default Goblin Offices and Security Station

One of the constantly changing doors from the main hall leads down a bare looking marble corridor, with private offices branching from it. The further along the corridor you get, the larger and more prestigious the offices are. The best Offices are set aside for those Goblins who hold significant positions in Gringotts. Quite often important meetings or appointments regarding Goblin business happen here. Usually meetings with ministry lackeys occur in one of the less well to do offices. No frills.

If you are looking for a witch or wizard worker, you are better off going upstairs, most of them can be found somewhere near the Cursebreaker HQ, as its a little more cheerful up there. Though, Elsdon Parata, the Head Finance and Securities Analyst, has an office down here since he quite likes Goblins, and the fancy office he managed to snag.

This is also where the Gringotts Security station can be found. Generally if you find yourself here, it will be under escort. The Gringotts Security Force is made up of Goblins and Wizards alike. In the main room, there is a wooden bench along one wall where anyone may wait and old fashioned, temporary jail cells along another.

There are also several desks and aside from the cells, the holding room is actually a fairly cheerful place. Security implements of all kinds fill extensive racks and there are several portraits which link from here to other important places in the wizarding world, including certain locations in the Ministry of Magic.

This area of the Bank is not for sightseeing, not unless you feel like volunteering for probity probe testing.

OOC: While you are allowed to roleplay here, please be sure your character has official business and we prefer if your character has entered the bank through the entrance way and main hall. It is best not to post here without your character being invited to do so.

You can message one of the Gringotts employees (LilFox06) if you have any questions.