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Hey Guys, thanks for coming back for our next chapter. I truly appreciate your interest and hope you continue to enjoy our story. Thank you so much.

I hope everyone in the path of Hurricane Florence is safe and secure. I pray for safety of the people who are affected with to storm and for those family's who have had loss of loved ones. Such sad stories come from these disasters. I am also thankful for all the rescue workers and utility company's working around the clock to restore the services they provide for the people.

I hope everyone enjoys this chapter.

Oh dear, I had to edit this after I posted it so I could tell you all that this is the last chapter of this short story, Zeus's Clever Trick' and next Sunday will be a One Shot titled, 'The Talk' I wanted to kind of give Harry a little break before he gets involved in more serious problems. The story after the One Shot is a long story of 26 chapters titled An Enemy From The Past

Chapter 6

Harry And The Rabbit Hole

Deciding on a whim to go for a run Harry put on appropriate clothes and went out into the cold. Ice covered everything and it was still snowing big wet flakes. When he got down to the stable Chevron was waiting for him. Marston made small talk with Harry, his eyes barely staying open, and Harry patiently talked with him since his little elf friend should still be home in his warm bed with Winky. After he was done visiting he told Marston he would see to his horse when he was done and for him to go on back to bed. The elf smiled and nodded his head saying, “Yes sir, Master Harry.” Harry and Chevron took off at a slow trot and then picked up the pace until they were running. It was difficult in the slippery snow and no moonlight to see by, but Harry kept up the grueling pace since he told his trusty Frieshian horse to lead on. The magnificent horse knew Harry trusted him to show the way instead of Harry.

Finally he decided he couldn’t run safely with the visibility becoming next to nonexistent. He told Chevron they needed to go back and started to turn towards the stable but Chevron pushed him from turning. He turned back the way they came and Chevron pushed him from going back the way they came. Harry stopped and looked at his horse. “All right, you lead the way you want us to go then.” Chevron turned in the direction of the ravine and ran to the place Harry took the rabbit to and fixed the shelter for. He stopped and looked down and so Harry looked down directing a light powerful enough to cut through the falling snow. “Well, that’s a problem; isn’t it?” He made his way slipping and sliding down the ravine and through the bramble; the thorns tearing at his skin and stopped at the entrance of the rabbit burrow.

He cleared out the snow and ice and caused new branches of thorny bramble to weave through the existing bushes to reinforce them. Harry made it so thick that very little snow got through to the ground. He looked at the hole and wondered why the rabbits hadn’t come out for fresh air and food since they had been in there for how ever long the hole had been covered. He shrunk himself down to the size of one of the baby rabbits so he could fit through the hole and went inside. It was very warm but the air was vile. He climbed over each rabbit to see if they were all alive and finding that they were just barely he went to the entrance to fill his lungs with fresh air and then went back in and blew the air and bunny waste from the back of the burrow to the front to drive out the stale vile air and waste. When he did this new air circulated into the hole and he began moving the animals around to wake them. Finally he woke them enough the mamma realized a stranger was in their home with her babies. She turned and bit Harry on his right hand and began thumping him with her feet and clawing him with her paws. He disappeared and became life sized. He summoned fresh Timothy and Clover from his barn and stuffed it into the hole for them to have something to eat and then he put in some fresh hay since he blew out all the other that was in there. He knew they would eat the snow for water so then he appeared beside Chevron.

By now it was snowing so heavily that he couldn’t see in front of him. Even though it was still dark he should have been able to see the dark trees with snow on them. He put his arms around his horse and took them both to the stable by magic. He groaned remembering now that he had told Marston he would take care of Chevron so he rubbed him down good and gave him some special blended grain and hay. He made sure he had fresh water and then went back up to the house.

Harry appeared inside the shower in the basement and showered off only taking care to remove all the thorns and twigs and such that were stuck to him. After he got the mud and things from nature off of him he stepped out and put on some fresh sweat pants. He went over to his punching bag and began his workout routine and didn’t stop when right away his body started begging him to stop. He worked hard and furious, doing more than he probably should have what with not sleeping any through the night and being attacked by a giant rabbit. After he was done he took a real shower this time and got dressed in jeans, a tee shirt, socks, and his boots. Now he was really feeling the effects of the rabbit beating him up. He chuckled as he poured a potion over the bite and then put Dittany on it and wrapped a bandage around his hand to keep it clean.

Harry doggedly climbed the steps to the kitchen although he really just felt like staying in the basement and sleeping off his weariness and physical and emotional pain.
Harry sat at his chair at the table and Winky put his breakfast in front of him. She was watching him closely as she climbed up in her chair beside him. She asked if he had a good workout and he said he did. He knew she was trying to make sure he was okay without asking him questions as to why he looked like he was caught in an ice storm or something.

“Do you remember when the ravine had that mud slide and I helped a family of rabbits?”

“Yes, it was last week. You brought Banner home and that night Missy Lily ran after a rabbit and you found her and the rabbit in the pool house.”

Harry stared at her in shock, “That was just last week? It seems like it was-” he swallowed and said, “Yeah, well anyway, with the rain and the dropping temperature added and all the snow throughout the night the opening to their burrow was iced over and packed with snow. I guess she remodeled after I made it for her, but they nearly suffocated.” He explained about shrinking himself and everything that happened.

She smiled and said he was a wonderful human. And then she asked if he slept well. He put down his fork after finishing his last bite. While chewing he shook his head no. He stood up and kissed the top of her head and thanked her for breakfast. He gathered the dishes and took them to the sink. Winky made him a cup of hot chocolate and reached up grabbing his belt loop and was pulling him out of the kitchen saying, “Go pay your bills or make your Christmas shopping list or go to bed where you should be anyway.”

Harry laughed merrily, “All right all right I’m going; but first,” he knelt on one knee so he could see her eye to eye. “Winky, your grammar is getting much better; you must be working very hard to be doing so well. I’m very proud of you.” He held out his hand to her and a thin purple velvet ribbon appeared in his hand. I know you enjoy reading; you can use this as a book marker.” He put his hand on her shoulder and smiled at her tears of joy. She was so happy she couldn’t think of what to say for fear she would say something grammatically incorrect. Then she got a hold of herself and thanked him for his beautiful gift to her. He smiled and said, “You’re welcome, Winky.”

He slowly stood up and favoring his side he walked through the living room and looked up the steps wishing for a glimpse of Ginny but there was no reason for her to be out of bed at this early time of the morning. His demeanor became glum and he went on into his study. He turned on his computer and checked out his various bank accounts and made sure all the bills were being taken out and paid on time. He has an accountant he hired to do all the bill paying automatically since he was gone so much or recovering from one thing or another. He sighed remembering when he and Ginny were first married and he taught her how to use the computer so she could pay the bills if ever he wasn’t able to. He soon found out Ginny was very talented but keeping up with paying the bills online was not one of her strong suits. She admitted to him finally after he was getting late notices that she just wasn’t interested in learning it. After he hired Wes, he asked Wes to do it for him so he could justify giving him a raise. But Wes became responsible for so much for him for the last ten years or so that Harry hired an accountant to take some of the burden off Wes. It was just recently that he hired someone to pay his monthly bills. He looked over his businesses to make sure all was running smoothly and it appeared they were so he closed out his business files. He checked his e-mail and quickly responded to them accordingly.

Harry looked at the messy desktop and frowned. Ginny had obviously taken to using his study for her own and he wasn’t happy about it. When they moved in to the house after they were married he told her he would need a lot of space for his work but he would make her a desk, supply cabinets, a book case, and anything else she wanted. She just laughed at him and kissed him happily. She told him she didn’t have any reason to have a desk or any of the things he mentioned. She said it was totally his space and his alone. He set to cleaning and reorganizing everything and found a stack of letters and cards under some of Ginny’s magazines. He picked up the magazines and some of the letters fell over onto the floor. He went around to the side of the desk and found a pile of letters and cards from eight months ago up to the present date. His heart broke because these people took time to greet him for whatever reason and he hadn’t even seen them yet. None of them had been opened; not even ones that included the whole family. Harry shrunk them and put them in a decorative box on the desk and vowed he would get to them as soon as possible. He stood up straight and looked around at his immaculate office and picked up the big box of Ginny’s things.

As he walked through the living room he looked up the steps to see if anyone was up yet. Seeing and hearing nothing he went out to Ginny’s office. He chuckled at her messy office and cleared a spot in a corner of the room. He went out to his shed and brought in loads of wood, screws, big sheets of glass and other building supplies. He looked outside and realized the sun should be coming up in close to an hour. He quickly worked on his project and when he was done he stepped back to look at his work. He was pleased and hoped Ginny would be too. He put her magazines on a low table close to her overstuffed chair and just behind the table was a bookshelf with ornate decorations that matched the wood workings on the rest of her furniture. When he cleaned out the corner to build the furniture to hold her books and magazines he found in his office, he found a stack of pictures on the floor getting ruined. These pictures he measured and made frames for. When he was mounting them he became very sad. He had never seen any of them and he wasn’t in any of them. All these were from the time he was away on the secret mission, and the month he was recovering at Atlantis. John was in a lot of the pictures doing things with the kids. He smiled thinking of his friend being there for his family. He was glad she didn’t take any that couldn’t easily be explained while they were at Atlantis. Anyone who saw the pictures would just think they were at John’s house. The caption under the pictures simply said, ‘Visiting John’.

Then he got down to the last stack and he saw pictures of her and the kids through the years on field trips and visits with her family. Some of the pictures with her family he remembered because he was there. “Why wasn’t I in any of the pictures?” he wondered. All these pictures she had separate so he made a picture album from left over wood. He took out his wand and carved intricate vines and flowers covering all but an oval space in the middle. In this spot he wrote in his elegant penmanship, Special Loved Ones. He stained the wood to match the rest of the furniture and in all the places that were carved he made the stain very dark to look like an antique. Lastly he picked up a photo album off the floor and touched his wand to the filler sheets to make more to fit in the album he just made. He tapped the pictures and made them go in the new album in the order according to the dates on them. He put the photo albums on the top of the book case and fixed a glass cover with hidden hinges and touch spring doors for them to be under. The latches were under a set of rose buds, centered on the inside edge of the double glass doors. He doubted he would ever talk to her about the furniture or the albums so he quickly wrote directions on how to open the doors. “Push down gently on the rose buds on either door to open. The latch will withdraw and the door will gently spring open. Close the same way.”

He took his tools and scraps out to the shed and cleaned up the mess he made and then turned to go into the main house. Lily’s little desk and area he made for her caught his eyes and he pointed his wand and with an intricate movement the desk and chair and her cozy reading chair became larger to give her more room since she had grown since he made Ginny’s office. A smile came across his face thinking how surprised Lily will be with her new space. Harry went out the door hoping he could watch the expression on her face when she sees it. He had his right arm favoring his left side and was looking down to keep from looking at the blinding snow. He looked up quickly when he heard footsteps approaching rather quickly. He smiled and said, “Hey beautiful, you’re up earlier than I expected.” He started to reach out to her but stopped when he saw the fire in her eyes. He frowned and put his hands in his pockets.

“What were you doing in my office? What could you possibly need to snoop around for? You don’t have a right to be in my space. Are you looking for something to get mad at me so you can have a clear conscious to go be with one of your goddesses or something? What were you hiding? I saw you hiding something under your arm.”

Harry’s mouth opened but nothing came out. She knew he was shocked and hurt terribly at the accusation but she didn’t care. She grabbed his hand suddenly and raised it up with a jerk. She felt him wince and heard him stifle a groan. A look of disappointment came over his face. It was then she noticed the bandage wrapped around his hand she grabbed. She let go and he held it against his diaphragm; his face stark white. She asked how he got hurt again, “Weird how you get hurt during the night with nothing going on. Pay another visit to your goddesses and their husbands got jealous?” Then with no emotion in his voice or actions he said, “I wasn’t hiding anything, I was holding my side. “I cleaned my desk this morning and boxed up your magazines and books you had in there. I made you a place to keep them in the far corner across from the window. There were a bunch of pictures getting ruined on the floor so I made you an album and some frames. I didn’t snoop around or look for anything. I was just making things I thought you needed because I love doing things for you. And never accuse me of filth and vulgarity. No matter what you think of me you know I’m not like that. I don’t know why you don’t believe me but I don’t want anyone but you. Don’t worry about your space, I’ll never step foot in your office again.”

He didn’t say anything else and went around her to go into the kitchen door. The first thing he saw was the breakfast mess from the kids. He went in the living room and the kids greeted him enthusiastically but then turned their attention back to John who was telling them a joke. Harry laughed with his kids at the conclusion of the joke and told them they left the table a mess. “Put your dishes on the counter, the orange juice and milk in the refrigerator, and the cereal in the cupboards.

Albus got up and ran to the kitchen with Banner chasing after him; but James said they were visiting with John, Teyla, and Carson and they’d do it later, and Lily was pretending she didn’t hear any of what was going on because she was watching cartoons on TV. His mind went back to living at Privet Drive; Dudley was glued to the TV whenever he was home. Harry’s eyebrows arched.

“Lily, we have company, the TV doesn’t get turned on unless company wants to watch something with us. Turn off the TV and go help clean up your places in the kitchen. James, our company will still be here when you’re done with the kitchen.”

Lily and James got up and walked to the kitchen but stopped in front of Harry. “What happened to you, you look awful?”

Harry laughed and said, “Hurry with your chores and I’ll be more than happy to tell you, but it’s not that interesting of a story.”

The three kids made short work of their chores and finished just as Ginny came in. Lily said, “You’re just in time, Daddy’s going to tell us a story.” Ginny smiled at them and followed her kids into the room. Carson had evidently asked to take more readings with his machine. They were standing behind Teyla with Carson listening to Harry’s heart with his stethoscope. Harry was standing quietly but watched Ginny walk into the room. Carson looked at his machine closer and then looked around and smiled. “There’s the explanation for what caused that spike in your heart beat. He took the stethoscope out of his ears and gently raised Harry’s arm and whistled. “You’ve taken quite a beating on your ribs, and these scratches look like they were made by a giant animal. I’m quite anxious to hear this story that isn’t all that interesting. Go ahead and put your shirt back on lad. Your heart is fine; I think you’re right with your diagnosis, severe heartburn will bruise your breast bone and make it feel like you’re having a heart attack. Your hand is a piece of work. The bite is fevered and swollen from not so much as whatever bit you but also by overusing it in your exercise routine. I believe you know that continuous pounding and abuse on a wound like this will cause swelling, blood clots, and fever. I suppose you have medicine for that nasty bite? Get it on right now before you chance losing it.”

Harry put his shirt back on and said, “Thanks Doc,” as he went to the fireplace and threw another two logs in the fire. After poking around for a bit he sighed and sat in his chair. Ginny was watching him closely and figured he was giving her a chance to leave if she wanted to. He got comfortable in his cozy chair and a bowl of Murtlap Essence appeared on his lap. He cautiously lowered his hand into it, instantly feeling the relief from it. Ginny bit her lower lip feeling guilty for grabbing it and treating it so rough before she knew it was hurt.

Harry began his story of not being able to sleep. He said something important was on his mind and he couldn’t sleep. He wondered if he was having a heart attack but figured it was heart burn and acid re-flux. He told them about deciding to go for a run with Chevron and him not letting him go home until he fixed the rabbit burrow. He told about slipping and sliding down through the thorns and James broke in excitedly.

“Why didn’t you just magic yourself down there?”

John spoke up and said, “Oh, I know the answer to that question from when we went to the mine to get Bill. Never appear someplace where you don’t know where your feet are going to land if at all possible.”

Harry grinned, looking very handsome to Ginny. “That’s exactly right, John. It was dark and I couldn’t see. So since the bottom of the ravine has big rocks and boulders I didn’t want to take a chance on landing in the snow where there might or might not be any footing and fall to the bottom into the rocks and ravine. I would have been hurt or even killed. These cuts and scratches are lots better than taking a chance on losing my life.”

Lily asked was there a giant animal in the bramble and Harry’s eyes twinkled with delight. An impish grin came on his face and he raised an eyebrow to add suspense to the pause. “Well, Angel, as it happens; yes there was a giant animal.” He told them about clearing around the burrow and fixing more brambles around to protect the burrow better and then noticing no animals came out of the home. “So I shrunk myself down to the size of the baby rabbits and went inside.” He told them about the condition he found the rabbits in, barely alive. He told them about blowing out the inside of the burrow and then since the fresh air could circulate he began waking the rabbits so they could eat and thrive again. ‘Dehydration is critical for animals just like humans. But when the mamma woke, all she knew was there was a stranger in her home with her babies. She turned on me before I could get out and bit my hand and then started beating me up with her hind feet thumping on me and her front paws clawing me trying to shred me apart. They are excellent protectors, just like your mum when it comes to you kids and Teyla with her baby. Well, he’s not such a baby now is he? He’s the same age as Albus.” Harry stopped and looked at Teyla and said, “You should have brought Torren.”

Teyla said she wanted to but his dad wanted to do something special with him. We celebrate the season differently than you guys. I was going to be alone for your holiday so John made me come with him.” She laughed at the face John made and corrected her statement that he had asked her if she wanted to come, and she couldn’t resist.

Harry looked at his sons and asked how Quidditch was going so far. James spoke up excitedly, “We’re undefeated so far, Dad! Having a half decent Seeker makes all the difference in the world. Nobody can beat Albus, just like you dad.”

Harry smiled and thanked his son but said he wasn’t unbeatable. “Cedric beat me in my third year.”

Albus defended him saying, “Only because the Dementors attacked you and made you fall off your broom, nearly killing you.”

Harry smiled sadly thinking about Cedric and then losing his life the following year. “And using the words of his father, “But Cedric didn’t fall off his broom did he?” He smiled again at his sons. “Tell me about your favorite game; both of you.”

The boys excitedly recapped their favorite games and when they were both finished Harry looked at Lily and said, “Darling Angel, what are you looking forward to the most when you get to Hogwarts?”

Lily thought and said, “I’m looking forward to Magical Creatures class with Hagrid. And second best I think I’m looking forward to Transfiguration. And Herbology sounds fascinating too, I just don’t know if I’m smart enough to do well there. Maybe I should stick with homeschooling until I become of age. Oh, oh, oh I forgot; I also want to take Muggle Studies and Arithmancy. But I’m just so worried I’m not smart enough.”

Harry chuckled and automatically looked at Ginny and said, “Who does she remind you of?”

Ginny returned the smile and said, Hermione.” Harry nodded his head and then took his hand out of the bowl of medicine. It disappeared and he dried his hand gently. He was pleased with how much better it was and even more so that Ginny seemed to have put her issue that caused her anger with him away.

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