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Merlin’s beard - - was Nickle’s deaf?! Conley winced. Once the yelling ended, a ringing took up residence in his ear. He wiggled a finger in his ear and shook his head slightly in an attempt to both end the ringing and to inform the Minister no. He had no clue what the man was blathering about. Nuggets? Nuggets of what? Conley briefly thought he smelled oil, but he hadn’t the greatest sense of smell. His mind might have been playing tricks on him, or it could be Nickel’s personal odor, Eau de toilette, or something else.

He was about to say something when Nickles turned to January. It was perhaps best to let her deal with him. He was certain that she had much more experience in doing so - and Nickels seemed to like her; perhaps he would even listen to her, although he highly doubted that Nickles ever listened to anyone.

Conley took a moment to lean towards Lynley and whispered, ”What exactly are nuggets?” Conley had never heard of chicken nuggets. Growing up, completely surrounded by Wizards with limited-to-no contact with muggles he had never heard of them being used to define food. To him, a nugget was a piece of gold, or other valuable metals, perhaps a bit of wisdom – but Merlin knew that Nickles was not a spouter of philosophy.
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