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Hey Guys, finally made it back. We were out of town all day yesterday and took the time I needed to post this next chapter to pay bills when we got back last night. So this chapter is a bit longer than the previous few. I hope you like it. Thank you so much for reading week after week. Comment if you want.

Chapter 5

Ginny Becomes Fearful

Ginny and Teyla were sitting by each other and holding hands for dear life listening to Harry’s story as if they had been there all along and terribly scared. It was worse than watching horror movies. Harry turned and leaned on the mantel over the fireplace and was quiet for a long time. Carson broke the silence and said, “So if my math is correct you were gone twenty eight years plus you said you took a few years to recover before you could come home. How long did it take you to heal from all the battles and wars you fought?”

Harry didn’t answer but stared into the flames. It was quite some time before he finally answered. “When I took Zeus back to Mount Olympus they welcomed him back with open arms. They made it look like he was a hero to them for beating me because they told him they were afraid of me. It was all the goddesses making these accusations about me and Zeus swallowed it with quite the swollen head. By this time I was about to drop dead and I said that I needed to get home, but it wasn’t to be. Zeus had me locked up in a room. He said that I needed to have the time to heal while he set up a time for my trial. When I objected, none of the gods or goddesses who promised would have my back spoke up for me. I was put in a very nice 8X8 room with nothing but a bed, commode and sink. No pictures on the walls, no windows, no nothing. Healing supplies were slid under a door along with my food and water. Two years later they brought me before the council for the beginning of my trial. It was after everyone was done playing and tired of the game that Poseidon spoke up for me and demanded I be allowed to return home. To be fair, he was sent away the whole time I was there for an emergency. Funny how things like that happens out of the blue. He was angry when he got back. They forgot I was there after all the parties and celebrating that went on. Poseidon demanded the trial begin immediately so I could get home and be taken care of properly. It was Zeus’s plan for me to be too weak to use magic and it worked. Do you recognize the staff I had when I got back, John?”

Harry was still looking into the fire and then turned around to look at John. John nodded his head and said, “It’s the staff of an Ori priest.”

Harry nodded, “Remember I told you years ago that SG1 didn’t wipe out all of them, that they were still in existence in another galaxy?”

“Yes, you said they weren’t like the others.”

“Well, a hand full of them had been visiting their brothers in this galaxy but returned home before these ones in this galaxy were destroyed. They picked up their ways and began teaching and converting the ones who lived on the planet they were on. They distinguished all human life on the planet because the people wouldn’t accept the new teachings. I wasn’t found guilty of anything and was praised for getting Zeus back, but for Zeus to feel the love they said he could send me away to wherever he wanted so I could heal before returning home. Zeus had inflicted more wounds on me to keep me from becoming powerful again. After two months they took me before the council and had a big celebration for my life to show their love for me. They said I was welcome to return anytime I wanted and I would always be welcome and the offer of immortality was still available to me. Zeus then told me where he was going to send me to be healed; the planet overtaken by the Ori. He gave Poseidon the duty to see me off and told me I was welcome back to visit him anytime; that he enjoys sparring with me. So Poseidon took me to the entrance of Olympus and slipped me his Trident and then he poured some ocean water over me to heal me enough to survive the trip. And lastly he gave me some woodland fairy food that would sustain me if ever I was in a place where I couldn’t find food to eat. He actually hugged me goodbye and said he hoped I lived.”

Harry turned back to the fire and leaned on the mantel. John stood up and walked to the big picture window and watched the snow falling. He wondered if he inherited any of the bad traits of his father. He had been kind of proud that he was the son of Zeus, but now he couldn’t stand the god and wished Harry had killed him again and cast him into the pits of Hades for eternity. He thought of the man he knew of as his dad and saw him in a completely different light. He had been a hard working man all his life. He used every advantage the law provided to keep the majority of taxes as write offs, and built a large business but at least he lived honestly; what you saw is what you got. He turned back to Harry when he started talking softly and went back over and sat on the arm of the chair to be close to his friend for nothing else than moral support.

“While Poseidon was talking to me and slipping me these things I regained my magic from the energy of the sun and the glass of water Poseidon poured over me. It wasn’t much but hopefully I would gather more energy from the sun on the new world I was going to. He took me to the planet of the Ori and told me he wished he could stay with me. It was a dark, gloomy place, void of any life and the air was barely breathable. The sky was a permanent hazy gray from thick acrid smoke that the sun couldn’t penetrate. It was smoke from them burning all the life from the planet.”

“But you said Zeus was sending you to a planet where you could be healed before you came home,” complained Ginny.

Harry nodded his head. His voice was so quiet now they all strained to hear him. “I did get healed. When Poseidon left I found a cave to hide in, but you can’t hide from them long. They caught me because I was too weak to get away from them. I was left with four of them to keep me until they could make me convert. They could sense my power and wanted it. I killed them with the Trident Poseidon gave me. Then something I didn’t know would happen happened. The bodies of the four dead Ori turned into dust particles and attached to my skin and tried to get inside my head for ten months. More kept coming to take my power, but they all died trying. For the next sixty nine years I fought more and more of the Ori priests. I was mostly successful but I was being completely covered by the sand particles of the Ori when I had to kill them. Thankfully Ori don’t age when they become priests. The only good thing that happened was I eventually became healed. With each one I killed I gained my health and magic back. I found and destroyed all their space ships. By the time I finally was one hundred per cent healthy I had a plan to rid myself of them and come home. First I had to destroy the galaxy before they left for other galaxies looking for me and other worlds in other galaxies when I left. I made a force field surround the entire planet. I disabled the Stargate, which oddly only had one address on it, and then reconfigured the accumulation of staffs I gathered from the Ori I killed into one staff, the one you’re holding John, and then I activated it. When that happened many Ori covered me trying to absorb into my body; but I was able to keep that from happening. I didn’t dare talk because I was afraid they would overpower me and escape and come here. I gave you the staff to shoot me with it. It would have killed the Ori but not me. I trusted you to shoot me, but I didn’t think Ginny would stop you. And, Ginny, I understand you not wanting him to do it because you don’t know anything about the Ori. I had to hurry and get rid of them because I couldn’t take a chance on them escaping here on Earth. The glow you saw around me was a bubble I put around me and made it fit tightly to me so none of the dust particles, that by now looked like some kind of skin, didn’t dislodge from me. I would have gone back to the galaxy that was imploding before I let them escape. So I went down to the creek to shoot myself with the Trident and then drop into the water to put out the fire the moment the Ori were completely destroyed. I knew when that would happen; when my flesh caught on fire. I hate being burned alive,” he added softly lowering his head into his arms that he folded on the mantel.

Teyla and Carson looked at each other too moved to trust themselves to talk. They wanted to comfort Harry and John because they knew that both of them knew what it was like to be burned alive.

John put his hand on Harry’s shoulder and squeezed it. Ginny went to the other side of Harry and ducked under his arm so she was wrapped in his arm. She said she was sorry she wouldn’t let John shoot him. John stepped away from them and went back to his station at the window looking silently out into the night. He buried his face in both hands and tried to get it out of his head the life Harry was forced to live. One hundred years of solitude from everyone he loved; how did he manage it?

Carson said, “Well, old man, you need to get some sleep and rest. Hang on; did you say you destroyed the galaxy?”

John looked at Harry and said, “Wow, how many people in a lifetime know of not one but two people who destroyed a galaxy?”

Harry nodded his head just slightly, enough to answer. “I got the idea from Rodney. I thought that since it was a very small galaxy I could wield enough power with the special staff I made from the Ori to do it. The planet I was on was the only one that sustained any life; the Ori already had destroyed the others. It was easy enough.”

Ginny asked how he could possibly know for certain about the other planets. Harry didn’t want to answer but she wouldn’t let him turn away from her. “I was all knowing at that point. From the collective minds of the Ori, I knew they cultivated all the souls in the galaxy. I need to go to bed.” He moved around her and climbed the stairs and was in the shower when Ginny went into the bedroom. He knew he already took a shower, but couldn't get the feeling of all the Ori dust particles off of him. John, Carson, and Teyla remained around the fireplace talking very quietly, unheard by anyone else.

When Harry came out of the shower he stopped short and stared at his wife. He swallowed and took a cautious step at her. Holding out his arms to her he said, “Ginny?” She stepped backward; tears streaming down her face shaking her head slowly. He stopped when he recognized the fear he saw on her face was because of him. “Honey, its okay, you don’t have to worry about me becoming a monster or anything; I’m perfectly safe to be around. Please don’t be afraid of me,” he quietly said as he took a step toward her again but stopped when she backed away. “Honey, we can get passed this. Let’s just go to bed and hold each other all night. Do you remember when we were first married we slept facing each other holding each other? We can do that now okay, just hold each other?” She backed up another step shaking her head no; tears flowing steadily and she began to sob. He stopped trying to advance towards her and went to his dresser and pulled out a pair of sweat pants to wear to bed. He hurriedly pulled on them until they were barely hanging on his hips and then clamped his hands on his heart that pained him so and said he’d sleep in the basement, alone once again and left the room quickly to keep Ginny from crying harder.

When he got downstairs his three friends looked at him and asked was he okay. He ignored the question and asked if Ginny had told them where they were sleeping. “I don’t know when you guys got here, or maybe I do, but I don’t remember anything about telling you where you’re staying. Did you get your belongings brought in? Ginny’s afraid of me,” he added. “I don’t blame her, but, I know I’m not dangerous anymore. She just needs time is what I’ll keep telling myself. Carson, you can have the guest room at the top of the stairs. Teyla, you can have the spare room at the end of the hall, it was going to be for our next child, but we never got around to making that happen. John you can have the room across from James. It was Ted’s room for when he stayed over. He’s getting married soon, did you know?”

Harry lost the color in his face and was at a loss for words for a short bit. “They want to be married here before Christmas with all the gifts under the tree. I’ve really made a mess of my family’s lives.” He subconsciously rubbed his heart and then became aware that he didn’t have on a shirt. “I’m sorry, Teyla, I wasn’t thinking when I came down. Please excuse me, I hope I didn’t cause any discomfort for you.” He turned toward the steps to the basement and opened the door to go down. He looked back over his shoulder to the top of the steps. Ginny was standing there but saying nothing. He waited for a few seconds and then managed a small smile and went on down and sat on the couch thinking of being with Ginny.

An hour later Harry was still sitting up staring straight ahead. He kept trying to put things in order so he could figure out how to fix what was broken between Ginny and him. Just when he thought he had it sorted out something didn’t make sense and he’d remember the thing not making sense was in a different memory from before which made that memory wrong and so he worked on getting that part worked out. Now he remembered, for the moment anyway, the events that took place before he left to trick Zeus into going back to Olympus but first to cure the curse in his mind that would kill him when he tried to break or cast a curse.

He thought, “So Ginny didn’t want me to go, but then she agreed I needed to. So whatever caused her fear of me happened after I got back. She was fine when I was telling… no, hang on; when I came back I was mostly Ori. I had to have looked scary then and I couldn’t talk. That’s it, she was afraid of me then. But, no; she was okay after that when Winky healed me. She was okay when we, I was eating. Yeah, she was fine then.” Harry’s thoughts were flying at him speedily and he’d place them in the order they occurred in. Finally he remembered when he said he was all knowing about something. What was I talking about? ARG I’m so tired!” Harry took deep breaths to force calmness to his aching heart. He stood up and paced back and forth for half an hour and then stopped. “It was at the very end. She asked how I could possibly know there wasn’t any life in the rest of the galaxy. I told her I was all knowing then. She must have thought that I think I’m God or something. ARGGG I’m so stupid, I just said it like it was nothing and then said I was going to bed. Maybe she thinks I did become immortal and that’s how I knew there wasn’t any life-” He stopped and clenched his fist over his heart and said, “Can a person die of a broken heart?”

He began pacing again stooped over somewhat and still clutching his heart. “Yeah, she probably plays out scenarios in her head like, ‘What did you do today, your godship?’ – ‘Oh you know, nothing spectacular, just destroyed a galaxy on my way home from work. Let’s go to bed and have wild raw sex until you can’t take anymore.’

Harry thought for a minute and said, “That’s not fair, I only asked if we could lie down and hold each other like we did when we were first married. She wouldn’t think of that kind of scenario. But then again, maybe she would. She let’s herself get worked up and thinks of the worst case scenarios a lot of the time.”

Harry was pacing fast enough to start breathing hard, plus his chest was hurting him something fierce. He stopped and reprimanded himself. “Harry, for someone who people say is the smartest wizard in the world, ha ha, boy howdy that’s a joke worthy of a royal laugh; you sure are stupid.”
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